Home Nollywood Movies And TV “I Have Always Been A Lover Of Good Movies Right From My Early Beginnings, I Admired The Old Nollywood Movies” —Actress, Georgina Ibeh

“I Have Always Been A Lover Of Good Movies Right From My Early Beginnings, I Admired The Old Nollywood Movies” —Actress, Georgina Ibeh

A MOTHER’S LOVE Latest Nollywood Movie 2023: Actress, Georgina Ibeh Reveals Puts In Strong Performance

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Georgina Ibeh Old Nollywood Movies

Georgina Ibeh has disclosed that she really admired the old Nollywood movies and it was the reason she got into the Nigerian movie industry. She shared a teaser from A MOTHER’S LOVE – which she produced, on her Instagram page. This got her fans excited as they anticipated when it would be made available on YouTube.

According to Georgina Ibeh, A MOTHER’S LOVE is an emotional Nollywood movie and it covers three aspects of life.

Sharing a clip on her Instagram page, she wrote:

“I have always been a Lover of Good movies right from my early beginnings, I admired the old Nollywood movies which brought me into Nollywood and Yes this is the FILM I have always prayed to be involved in !!!
This right here is the Old Nollywood movies with a touch of GenZ … Be ready to be Blown away by this beautiful story , it touches 3 aspect of Life but hey, I am not letting go of the story yet …… you are about to experience movies in a different dimension .

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An Emotional Love story from a Mother to her Child .

A MOTHER’S LOVE #themovie .
Produced by @georginaibeh”

The excitement surrounding A MOTHER’S LOVE is palpable, and fans eagerly await its release on YouTube. Georgina Ibeh’s Instagram teaser ignited a buzz among her followers, who are eagerly discussing the upcoming film.

In the comment section, one fan, ladylikekells, commends Destiny Etiko’s unwavering support for her colleagues: “Your genuine encouragement for your peers only makes me love your kind heart even more. May God bless you, Destiny Etiko.” Another fan, lillymuyu, expresses her anticipation, stating, “I’m already feeling so emotional, and I haven’t even watched the entire movie yet. This one will definitely require a handkerchief.”

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The appreciation for the nostalgic allure of old Nollywood movies emerges in onyeokwunauka’s comment: “Absolutely right! The old Nollywood movies were exceptional. These modern attempts with fake accents just don’t compare. Authentic African storylines were what made people fall in love with Nollywood in the first place.”

As fans eagerly await A MOTHER’S LOVE, they acknowledge the dedication and hard work that goes into bringing entertainment to our screens. Glossy__lifestyle shares, “It’s truly amazing to witness the efforts filmmakers put in to bring joy to our doorsteps. That videographer running with determination has brightened my day.”

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Sandybeauty30 captures the emotional impact of the film, saying, “Watching someone harm your mother, let alone your father, who was meant to protect—such pain.” Fofanah.fanta.71 appreciates the educational value of Georgina Ibeh’s movies, commenting, “I truly enjoy your movies. They are not only entertaining but also enlightening.”

A MOTHER’S LOVE brings back the essence of the old days, evoking nostalgia and warmth. Stellaodudu478 expresses her gratitude, saying, “Thank you for taking us back to the era of those unforgettable movies that I adore.”

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