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“Always Find A Reason To Laugh” – Nollywood Actress, Sharon Ifedi Says

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Always Find A Reason To Laugh Sharon Ifedi - Nollywood Celebs

Sharon Ifedi might still be young but thinks maturely sometimes. The up-and-coming Nollywood actress recently told her fans to always find a reason to laugh.

By stating this, Sharon clearly wanted her followers to look for something to give them some joy even when they are stressed or face certain challenges.

She wrote;

“Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years.

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“You can always be happy when you decide to be grateful for blessings in your life.”

No Man Should Borrow Just To Marry You – Nollywood Actress, Sonia Ogiri

Sonia Ogiri has advised ladies to stop the “borrowing mentality” with their men. The US-based Nollywood actress also stated clearly that women find it difficult gifting men money.

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She wrote;

*My Opinion. No man should borrow just to marry you.

* If your man gives you money, why should you borrow him when he needs yours as a woman? My point is, stop the borrowing mentality with your man. (Money you can’t gift him, don’t borrow him) Giving is not easy so don’t think his foolish for gifting you when you lock yourself up with the borrower mind set. He can choose not to give or spend on you too

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Do you agree with Sonia Ogiri?

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