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“Being Serious And Disciplined Is Your Investment In Yourself” – Frederick Leonard

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Being Serious And Disciplined Is your Investment in Yourself Frederick Leonard

Frederick Leonard is arguably the best actor in Nigeria at the moment. Born May 1, 1976, in Anambra State, Nigeria, the STILLBORN actor is highly disciplined and an inspiration to millions of people across the world.

Hence, they take the charismatic and versatile actor seriously when he shares his thoughts on certain issues.

This time, Frederick Leonard advised that people start being serious with their goals in life as it is their own investment in themselves.

Taking to his Instagram page, the 2014 Best Supporting Actor at the City People Entertainment Awards wrote:

“Being Serious And Disciplined Is your Investment in Yourself… For You and Your Own Good.”

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There were reactions in the comment section of the post.

janevangeli: “Very true. Discipline is being able to force yourself to do something in spite of how you feel, over and over until it becomes a habit.”

sinobie: “Many lazy but “holy” people just left the room. More people need to understand this. To go far in anything, you must be loaded in more knowledge, experience, networking, etc. You must truly do the work, and also embrace difficulties and challenges because it refines you on your journey to success. God is truly not selective in his blessings!!!”

yourmarriagevillage: “I would say that it is grace and favor, because both are available to all from God (as he said, and I agree). What happens is that only few are disciplined enough to experience them, though they are freely given. We cannot do it in our own strength. Discipline and grace must meet.”

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songbyrd23: “There is discipline…but it is the Most High who gives you the strength to get the wealth…so ultimately it is the Most High who has blessed whomever!!!!”

preparingfutureminds: “Discipline starts with the mind. A disciplined mind performs on the basis of reasoning and does not get distracted by opinions, views, emotions that come from an unrealistic point of view. A disciplined mind uses a neutral approach to problem solving devoid of emotional bias. A disciplined mind make one a successful and well balanced person.”

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victorokpalan: “God is not selective is his abundant grace on people. You are responsible for what you become at the end of the day!! What a word for this night!!”

blessed.gate: “Extremely WRONG!! And to his own understanding, a lot of reasons why 5 fingers ???? are not equal”.

nan_bella_3028: “listen, this is a word to just listen to encourage and invest in yourself, thank you for always bringing content that allows for self reflection and doer mentality ????????????????????????????”.

emeuwa_btv: “Without Discipline you gonna blow away all your chances ????”.

56jchase1967: “Two of the most important investments to yourself. ????????????????????????”.

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