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“Do Not Be Pressured To Get Married” – Nollywood Actress Funke Akindele Advises

Nigerian Movie Star Funke Akindele Advises Against Bowing To Pressure Get Married, Have Children

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nollywood Actress Funke Akindele On Pressure To Get Married

Nollywood actress Funke Akindele, popularly known as Jenifa, has shared a powerful piece of advice on bowing to pressure to get married and have children that’s got everyone talking!

As we all know, Nollywood news updates are always in high demand, especially when it involves stars like Funke Akindele, who has a massive following across the globe. And this time, she’s stirring hearts and minds with her candid take on societal pressures and the timeless question of when to walk down the aisle.

During an intimate interview with Chude, Funke opened up about various aspects of her life, including her past marriage, which, unfortunately, didn’t have a fairytale ending. Amidst the storm of negativity and online chatter, she stood tall, showing incredible strength and resilience.

But here’s where the magic happens – she’s using her own journey as a powerful lesson for her fans. With her touching counsel, she urges one and all to resist the sway of external pressures when faced with life-altering choices such as marriage.

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Her words echo deeply;

“You know, I just wanted to get married. I want to do things right, have children and all that. When I went into the (first) marriage, it didn’t work fine. And it ended in a very bad way, in social media, the noise was everywhere. I was actually filming and somebody called me and told me, I wanted to die!

“You know I cried, lost some good deals then. But I didn’t let it break me.”

“As a young lady out there, do not be pressured to get married. Get married because you want to get married, because you love him, and you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Don’t get married because mummy and daddy are saying get married or your friend just got married, have children because you want to have children, you want to be blessed with children, you love children.

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“Don’t have children because society will say “ah she’s barren ohh, 12 years 6 years e never marry” Ignore the gossip, ignore the naysayers, give them “sorry the middle finger, I don’t care”. Yes, ignore because you have your life, do what makes you happy.”

It’s a reminder to focus on authentic love and genuine desire, rather than bending to societal norms or peer expectations.

And guess what? The comments section is on fire! Fans from all walks of life are pouring out their love and gratitude:

@damilareolasupo165 adds a fresh perspective, reminding us that Funke’s advice isn’t just for women – it’s universally relevant, and everyone can benefit.

@ifymbah_21 draws inspiration from Funke’s journey, vowing to pass on those valuable life experiences to the next generation.

@benbukola showers love and support, applauding Funke’s strength and resilience during challenging times.

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@debseventanddecor showers affection and blessings, appreciating Funke’s courage and the supportive people who stood by her.

@thelazycheftee is deeply moved by Funke’s journey, finding inspiration in her resilience and determination to choose happiness and fulfillment.

Dear readers, let’s take a moment to absorb Funke Akindele’s empowering message. Life is an enchanting voyage, woven with both moments of joy and challenges, but its magic lies in staying authentically ourselves and wholeheartedly pursuing our passions . Marriage and family are beautiful milestones, but they should be based on love and genuine desire, not external pressures.

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