Home Nollywood News And Gossip “Some Of The Battles You Are Fighting Today Are Little Things You Ignored In The Past” – Nollywood Actor Frederick Leonard

“Some Of The Battles You Are Fighting Today Are Little Things You Ignored In The Past” – Nollywood Actor Frederick Leonard

Frederick Leonard's Wisdom on Overcoming Past Neglects and Embracing Today's Battles

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Actor Frederick Leonard Battles You Are Fighting Today

A lot of people are going through challenges in life and are wondering why people they know are succeeding and they are not. They blame every other person but themselves. However, the problem is that some of the battles that they are fighting today are little things they ignored in the past or took for granted, according to popular Nollywood actor, Frederick Leonard.

Frederick Leonard, a renowned Nigerian actor, producer, model and social media influencer, recently shared a thought-provoking post on his Facebook page. He stated:

“Some of the Battles you are fighting today are little things you ignored in the Past.

Fight the Small Demons today before they Grow into Gigantic MONSTERS tomorrow.”

So, How Then Do The Battles People Are Fighting Today Affect The Little Things They Ignored In The Past?

Truthfully, taking things for granted usually has long-term consequences. If someone neglects his/her health by ignoring minor symptoms or failing to adopt healthy habits, it could come back to haunt the person in form of life-threatening diseases.

Nollywood Actor Frederick Leonard

Nollywood actor Frederick Leonard on set a movie

Also, there are those who go to school to study but abandon it after having their heads turned by negative lifestyles or peer pressure. If they drop-out or fail to acquire necessary skills, it could limit their future opportunities and career growth.

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Even in relationships, when you take the person you are involved with for granted or fail to invest time and effort into maintaining it, there’s no doubt that it can become strained or broken. Many people have lost good partners and are never really able to get over it

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Another that has caught a lot of people and left them full of regrets is poor financial planning. Failure to save money and plan for the future will almost certainly lead to financial difficulties later in life.

So, we can certainly understand Frederick Leonard when he calls on people to fight these issues today before they get out of hand tomorrow.

Fans React To Nollywood Actor Frederick Leonard’s Inspirational Advice

  • Lorraine Adams: “Words from the wise, thank you for reminding us Mr. Frederick Leonard. I loved your positive attitude.”
  • Jennee Ehikede: “Well said. Some people overlook things and say it’s just a minor issue. Never shove any issue under the carpet it might be raised up sooner than you think”.
  • Okposmanni’s Parlor.: “I am even facing one right now. The small demon i over looked is now a gigantic monster in my life.”
  • Patricia Hagley: “So true my Philosopher we should stop procrastinating because tomorrow isn’t promised and time and tide wait for no man. Continue your good works, informing and educating your fans. Jah bless. Dalu.”
  • Brigitte Bowens: Truth 💯 Tackle each obstacle day by day. Great words of wisdom from my King Mentor, you are forever an inspiration. Much love and more blessings 🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️”.
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