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I Forgive Easily Because I Want My Sanity Intact – Angela Okorie

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Angela Okorie Forgive Easily Because I Want My Sanity Intact

Angela Okorie has given her reasons why she forgives easily. The Nollywood actress who doubles as a singer these days made it clear that she wants her sanity intact.

Also, the entertainer noted that if anyone does “bad things” to her, then her Angels would go into action on her behalf.

She wrote;

“Yesterday someone called me and said Angela how do you do this things so effortlessly,I said what ? She said you forgive people easily next minute you are seen with who is not supposed to be around you

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I forgive easily cos I want my sanity intact, I don’t want to think about anybody or any meaningless thing, People will go about saying all manner of things about me and still comes back to ask for forgiveness,

I forgive cos I know my angels, i know what I represent and I know what my angels do for me, there are certain people you can’t do bad things to and go free,what most people don’t know is Forgiveness is divine Hate is for greedy people but Love,respect and peace is for humans with soul.

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Truth is if you love God you will love people,God is Love ,a lot of people preach this but deep down their heart they don’t have love to give, so when they hurt u forgive them and move on , that’s the only way you can be ahead of them, if not they mess you up, they mess your brain up,soon you start thinking evil things, they damage you,you become bitter like them too, you become restless,

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So live a happy life,by forgiving everyone who did u wrong in this last day of the year 2023 is not worth it ???? Forgive them, and be a blessing to your self Let it go ,Ahead ahead is the way forward #Legitqueen Happy new year in advance fam.”

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