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“I Used To Believe So Much In Love Until I Got Played By My Ex Husband” — Nollywood Actress, Sarah Martins Discloses Why Her Love Is TRANSACTIONAL

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Sarah Martins TRANSACTIONAL Love

Sarah Martins is one of the most outspoken in the Nigerian movie industry. The controversial Nollywood actress just disclosed why she is into “transactional” love.

According to the thespian, she gave up on love after getting “played” by her ex-husband.

While marking the International Women’s Day (2023), the movie star wrote;

“I used to believe so much in love until I got played by my ex husband whom I married at the age of 19 as a virgin. Ever since then, my happiness and peace of mind comes first before considering any man’s heart and emotions.YES, my love is TRANSACTIONAL. (You give me love I give you peace)! Happy International woman’s day to a STRONG GIRL…❤️”

There were reactions.

zionzon2021: “Transactional kwa??? Yaa cash and carry ????????????????”.

calistusokoye1997: “And yet you did not consider how much pains and betrayal queen may is passing through. Imagine how you felt that period before you moved on then talk more of a woman that has stayed 18years of marriage.”

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meetpatnice: “What you’re going to do next is to look for a peaceful home and chook head inside and destroy it later claim the wife did not give her husband peace ,Una no go school looking for husband at young age when your mate where in school or or acquiring skills you are running after men nonsense”.

fabulousaify: “Now I see why you’re allergic to Happy marriages. May the pain you caused May with your assertions continue to haunt you. A strong woman my foot”.

sererose7: “I just knew it from the very first day that you are a sadist. Some one really hurt you bad and you haven’t heal. Such people are very dangerous, they tend to hurt innocent people to revenge whatever was done to them. But on this May matter you and Judy have failed terribly. You will keep on hurting yourselves more. May God shame you all”.

rosemaryamaechi12: “So that’s the reason you hate peaceful and happy marriage like Queen May Yul-Edochie’s own. Evil begot evil and the reason you support juju to destroy this Happy home is because yours didn’t work out”.

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eppy_preff: “So that’s the reason why you and your friend are after destroying happy marriages because both of you come from failed marriages ,but why want someone to feel the pain that even you your self cant handle guess its pure wickedness and i doubt your ex husband hurt you that’s the song that girls like you sing so that they justify their disgusting lifestyle”.

oliverchinazab: “You have told us that your ex husband played you and you want us to believe you, right? No wonder they said, he who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones. So you open your mouth always to say that May was not giving her husband peace of mind and that made Yul marry another woman when you who speak without thinking couldn’t even keep a man. You are just so impossible. May God have mercy on you. So last last, you are among those women who left their husband to be going after other people’s husbands just for money, all in the name of transacting love? Uwa m! Because I believe it’s your bad behavior that made the man play you. I can imagine, with the little you display here. You are not even any good, yet you are condemning another woman. I put it to you that you have a mission to accomplish in all of this. Mana aka nsi gi ga-aba gi onu.”

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tina_uchechi: “Sarah Martin’s i don’t hate you i love you so much as i love myself. but if this story is your true life story. am not sure you would have interfer in your friend relationship with a married man. we all have been hurt by men but it not gaurantee anyone to destroy someone marriage nomatter the lie the married man tells about his wife”.

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