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I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am Today If My Parents Didn’t Sacrifice For Me – Ruth Kadiri Ezerika

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
I Wouldn't Be Where I Am Today If Ruth Kadiri - Nollywood Celebs

If parents were to gather together to begin to tell what they had to forgo to ensure that their children succeed in life, a lot of people will sit up in life. Parents are indeed God’s representatives in each home.

In a recent Instagram post, Ruth Kadiri wrote on her own comment section that she would not be where she is today if her parents did not sacrifice for her.

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She was given very good education in a private school while others around her went to public schools.

The popular Nollywood actress was reacting to a video that she shared. Ruth wrote;

“I I wouldn’t be were I am today if my parents didn’t sacrifice for me. As a child from the slum. My mother wanted the best for me. Put me in a private school when everyone around me went to a public school.

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“I watched her sell her jewelries and valuables sometimes just to pay my fees… now the effect today. What kind of actress would I have been if I didn’t have good basic education. Everyone around me.

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“Didn’t take education serious. English was a problem. How would I communicate with people, do smart business, write proposals. Write movie scripts without that thread of sacrifice made for me.

“No I don’t agree with her. without parental sacrifice most kids in Nigeria would not amount to anything in life. Because the government provides Nothing for you. #mytwocent”

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