Home Nollywood News And Gossip “If I Don’t Pray Satan Will Make Mess Of Me” — Nollywood Actress, Destiny Etiko

“If I Don’t Pray Satan Will Make Mess Of Me” — Nollywood Actress, Destiny Etiko

Nollywood Actress Destiny Etiko Reveals: "If I Don’t Pray, Satan Will Make a Mess of Me!"

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Satan Will Make Mess Of Destiny Etiko If She Don’t Pray

Nollywood sensation Destiny Etiko has disclosed in her recent statement via an Instagram post, that praying is a matter of survival for her.

In her heartfelt caption, Etiko poured her gratitude towards the Almighty, acknowledging that the gift of life itself is already a tremendous blessing. She emphasized the crucial role prayer plays in her life, asserting that failure to pray would leave her vulnerable to the chaos and havoc that Satan can unleash.

Etiko’s candid revelation has sparked a wave of intrigue among fans and industry insiders alike. It offers a rare glimpse into the spiritual journey of a beloved celebrity and raises questions about the unseen battles faced by those in the limelight.

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However, this recent statement sheds light on a deeper aspect of her beliefs, highlighting the constant struggle she faces to maintain her spiritual fortitude amidst the temptations and challenges of the Nigerian movie industry.

She wrote;

“I WILL. I WiILL PRAY I WILL PRAY OI WILL PRAY IF I Don’t PRAY SATAN WILL MAKE MESS OF ME. Am so grateful for all u do for me oh lord.

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The gift of LIFE is ALREADY ENOUGH. Happy blessed month to you all my amazing family. May God almighty bless our handworksincrease us you in all our endeavors May the month of JUNE be a blessing and never a curse IJN AMEN… more undiluted blessings More light. WE ARE BLESSED. Love u all. “

It is evident that Etiko’s authenticity and transparency have endeared her to many. Her determination to navigate the complexities of fame while staying grounded in her faith continues to inspire and captivate fans and other NollywoodCelebs.

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Destiny Etiko’s declaration that prayer is her shield against Satan’s mischief has brought her closer to her fans, who resonate with her struggles and admire her resilience.

The Drama Doll continues to enthrall her fans, leaving them eager for more glimpses into her intriguing life and spiritual journey. As she courageously shares her experiences, Destiny Etiko remains a shining star both on and off the silver screen.

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