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I’m Obsessed With Isolation And Selective Human Interaction — Nancy Isime

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nancy Isime Obsessed With Isolation Selective Human Interaction

Nancy Isime has given her millions of fans around the world more details on her kind of person. The popular Nollywood actress/media personality disclosed that she is obsessed with isolation and selective human interaction.

From her post, it is clear that the movie star enjoys being alone as well as being picky when it comes to the people she has to interact with daily.

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She wrote;

‘“Me Time”….The most important time in my Life.
It comes above every other time in my priority list.

I like to think of myself as a cup, when I’m empty I can’t pour into anything else…Not my Faith, relationship, friendships, family, career, etc.
So everytime I feel empty, I must shutdown, pack my bags and head to nature.
Luckily, Everyone in my life understands and respect this.
If you’ve followed me for a while, and are truly in my corner, you’ve come to understand and respect this too.

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When I’m filled up, my ability to be an all round better Being goes on an all time high.

I’m also obsessed with Isolation/selective human interaction. Lol

Anyways, my mini-break last week was just what I needed.
Recharging, Resting, meditating, working on the new season of @thenancyisimeshow_ and just doing everything that fuels me up was everything!

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Shoutout to @lacampagne_beachresort for always taking care of me when I stop by’

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