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It Is An Error To Call Your Boyfriend Before Visiting Him – Nollywood Actress, Anita Joseph

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Error To Call Your Boyfriend Before Visiting Him Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph has taken to social media to advise against calling one’s partner before visiting him/her. The movie star described it as an “error”.

According to the popular Nollywood actress, when in a romantic relationship with someone, the lovers should feel free to visit each other without giving any notice.

In fact, she also stated clearly that while she was still dating MC FISH, they visited each other at any time without informing the other.

Sharing a video, the thespian wrote;

“If you have to call your boyfriend before visiting him “
My Darlyn it’s an Error “
It’s Time to Defined your Relationship shallom !!
This applies to both Gender Shallom !!
We will discuss the other one later ok byeeeeeeeee !!!”

Although there were not many reactions from other NollywoodCelebs, the fans had their say.

officialjbaby_: “It is not an error… It is called courtesy…. A man that will cheat will cheat whether you have keys to his house or not… This sounds funny though… Are you guys married? No… Even if you are married and out, won’t you call your spouse on the phone to Let them know..you are on your way home?????…… Let’s respect people’s privacy….”

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eli.makz: “Shaa call the person before visiting. I have said my own . You guys are not married and you don’t live together, so why won’t you call the person ? What if he or she is not at home ?”

chylekwauwa: “Anita, get this! Privacy, my space and me time has nothing to do with cheating. If you are in a relationship please tell him/her, I am coming!Now-teach this youth how to invest, empower their lives. Life is not about Men!”

simply_rosemary23gm: “Mother hen I love your idea and opinions But I don’t think calling your partner before visiting should be because you don’t want them cheating sha… 1. I think calling your partner before visiting is just respect of privacy as in you can’t badge in on someone like that without even informing them 2. If your partner lives far from you or does jobs that makes him leave town you can’t just go there because you have the key to meet an empty house”.

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deariee_berriee: “The truth about this matter is that women has already accepted the polygamous nature of the men we have this days and are playing along”.

seniorkachi: “How can you defend a relationship that does not have a marriage promise or something that looks like it. I’m not defending anybody everyone should defend him/herself.if not husband I’m to defend then no”.

ihezuochinonsolucy: “Same thing was an issue in my relationship, he said I must call him b4 coming to his business place. Any day i mistakenly don’t call and appear suddenly it becomes a big problem to the point where it almost cost me my relationship. I began to wonder if he was hiding something or am the one who doesn’t actually do the right thing.”.

dizzahs_collection: “For those of of you saying what if he’s not at home???????????? nne so you’re dating someone you don’t know their whereabouts? You don’t know if supposed man is around or not????? haaaaa wetin I even dey talk???? this msg isn’t for me because me i already know say the man I called my man will not tell me the time I should see him and the time I shouldn’t except he’s out of town???? if he’s not I can go to his house 12am in the midnights and that’s on periodT!”

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martins.abigail509:” So true ma’am ???? there is a point or level in a relationship where by you don’t need to call your babe before going to his house…. Unless you guys don’t have a define relationship…. How will I be in a serious relationship and I know is a serious relationship and before I go see my guy I will now have to call him and coming…. What if he say he is not around while he is around with another woman that’s how I would be full for how long.”.

prettychubbychicofdubai:”I find that thing very creepy..Why should I call before comjng to see my man? Omo I’ve heard some of my friends say that but It can NEVER be me. Infact anywhere you see my man you must find me. We dated for 10 solid years now we are married and nothing has ever changed.”.

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