Home Nollywood News And Gossip “Keep Pushing Until You Get There” — Nollywood Actress, Mercy Kenneth Encourages Her Fans Not To Be Ashamed Of Their Jobs And Forget Side Talk

“Keep Pushing Until You Get There” — Nollywood Actress, Mercy Kenneth Encourages Her Fans Not To Be Ashamed Of Their Jobs And Forget Side Talk

Embracing Passion and Overcoming Judgment: Mercy Kenneth's Inspiring Message to Nollywood Fans

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nollywood Actress Mercy Kenneth

Nollywood Actress Mercy Kenneth, known for her captivating performances in Nigerian movies, recently shared a powerful message of encouragement with her fans. In a social media post captioned, ‘”Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Keep pushing until you get there, don’t be ashamed, forget side talk, let them talk. Normal mouth must be talking,’ the talented actress urged her followers not to feel ashamed of their chosen careers and to ignore the gossip surrounding them.

Mercy Kenneth’s words struck a chord with her fellow Nollywood star, Sharon Ifedi, who reacted to the post with a series of clapping emojis. It seems that Mercy’s empowering message connected not only with other celebrities but also with her fans, who showed their support and appreciation in the comments section.

Nollywood Actress Mercy Kenneth Carrying Block

Nollywood actress Mercy Kenneth is seen on set a movie in hard labour while carrying block on her head.

One fan, official_wizbless, expressed admiration for Mercy’s dedication, writing, “Love your works and passion ❤️ Always stay loyal to your hustle????.” This comment reflects the connection fans feel with the thespian’s performances and the inspiration they draw from her commitment to her craft.

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Another fan, bigwizz1_, echoed Mercy’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of not being ashamed of one’s work. Such affirmations from fans highlight the positive impact the teen actress has had on her audience, encouraging them to embrace their own passions without fear or hesitation.

However, not all comments were entirely positive. chukzz001, for instance, pointed out the challenges of Mercy Kenneth’s on-set role, saying, “Yes, Nneoma, my motivational speaker. But this block wey dem edit put on ur head, If u carry am in a real life as a daily job, u go no say life hard oo.” This fan referred to an on-set photo shared by Mercy, where she was seen engaged in hard labour, carrying blocks while working on a construction site. It seems this fan recognizes the difference between acting and real-life scenarios, acknowledging the hardships that may come with certain professions.

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diamond_nation11 shared similar concerns, writing, “Well said, but this kind of job is not meant for you ????????????.” While this comment suggests a preference for Mercy’s acting talents rather than manual labour, it also indicates that fans have diverse opinions about the roles she takes on.

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Some comments, like curry_s? ex’s remark, “You go soon get muscles, and it’s not good for you,” showed concern for the thespian’s physical well-being. Despite the fan’s intentions, such comments highlight the misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding certain jobs, as well as society’s expectations for people based on their appearance.

On a more positive note, jolie4vie praised Mercy’s versatility, saying, “This is why I like you because you can play any role given to you in a movie, and I know this movie is going to be bang as always.” This comment showcases the admiration fans have for Mercy’s acting skills and their anticipation for her upcoming projects.

From her post, it is clear that Nollywood actress, Mercy Kenneth wants her fans across the world to pursue their passions unapologetically, regardless of societal judgments.

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