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Most Fashionable Nollywood Actresses In 2022

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Most Fashionable Nollywood Actresses - Nollywood Celebs

From red carpet fashion to the casual looks and aso ebi slays that these female celebrities have been known to serve us from time to time, Nollywood women are really doing bits when it comes to making fashion statements on and off the screen.

These stunning movie stars have taken fashion to a whole new level and they never fail to stop serving dazzling looks at every chance they get. For the specific names who have never let us down when it comes to looking good, see our list of Most Fashionable Nollywood Actresses In 2022.

1. Sharon Ooja:

Most Fashionable Nollywood Actresses - Sharon Ooja

This beautiful light skinned actress clearly knows a thing or two about fashion, and you will not be wrong to call her a fashion icon already. It does not matter if she is on the big screen or on social media, Sharon is a fashion queen with a very unique style.

She mostly prefers to go the chic and feminine route, and every dress she goes for always fits her skin, shape and colour superbly. Little wonder why her male and female fans always rush her latest Nollywood projects when they drop to have a glimpse of what she is wearing.

2. Ini Dima Okojie:

This brilliant actress is the epitome of risque and adventurous when it comes to fashion. Ini is always ready to deliver her body as a canvas so she can make the kind of fashion statement Nigerians will not forget in a very long time.

Her style is unique and stunning and no one is ever surprised when she dazzles with her outfits at events or on red carpets. We definitely look forward to more to come from Ini Dima Okojie because she has earned the right to keep us anticipating.

3. Nancy Isime:

Most Fashionable Nollywood Actresses - Nancy Isime

Nancy is already a household name, and it is not just because of her acting skills, but also because of her stunning beauty and fashion goals. This cute and talented woman is always prepared to slay on and off the big screen, and she is definitely one of the role models for up-and-coming celebrities as far as top fashion is concerned.

Over the years, Nancy has mastered the art of switching between tomboy looks, trendy wears, and proper glam outfits. We are hardly ever shocked to see Nancy’s name on most Best Dressed lists after every high-class gathering she attends.

4. Ini Edo:

Most Fashionable Nollywood Actresses - Ini Edo

Ini Edo has been in the acting game for a while, but what we have also noticed over the years is that she has also been in the fashion game for some time too. She is known to always serve major fashion goals whenever she steps out, and it is all thanks to the superb body shape she is blessed with.

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Her confidence, body posture and stunning face never fail to ensure any dress she wears suits her perfectly. Ini’s style is clearly chic, sassy and cute, and she is one of the few Nollywood actresses who is respected for the way she dresses on and off the screen.

5. Shaffy Bello:

The popular age is just a number saying is the perfect way to describe this amazing and ageless Nollywood queen who could also pass as a fashionista. Shaffy is 52 right now but her fashion game makes her look way younger than her age.

Her fashion style never fails to remind us that class and fashion can still be served to the fullest even when age is no longer on your side. Her effortless class and carriage on the red carpet is surely a warning to the young women that their thrones in the fashion world are far from secure.

6. Mercy Aigbe:

Most Fashionable Nollywood Actresses - Mercy Aigbe

This popular Nollywood is not just known for her acting talents and controversies, she is also famous for giving fashion in Nigeria a whole new meaning. Mercy never fails to come through with the looks whenever she wants to and her fashion game is simply divine.

From casual wears to native and corporate dresses, this mother of 2 is a pacesetter in the world of Nigerian fashion. In fact, her social media pages are a massive source of inspiration to anyone looking to step up a weak fashion game.

7. Linda Osifo:

Any list of Nollywood fashionistas will never be complete without including this melanin beauty. This stunning actress has found herself on several Best Dressed lists for many years now, and it is no surprise that a lot of her colleagues see her as a fashion guru.

Linda clearly understands what the word fashion means and she has made it a life goal to always deliver amazing acting skills while looking her best on and off the screen. Osifo definitely has our blessings if she decides to quit acting and take up fashion full time.

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8. Bisola Aiyeola:

This ex-reality star turned Nollywood actress is also a force to be reckoned with in the fashion business. Over the years Bisola has clearly stepped up her fashion game as she is now known to drop it like it’s hot whenever she is in the mood.

And the good thing is that she is always in the mood because her Instagram and red carpet appearances are all the proof you need. Bisola is doing her bit to take Nollywood fashion to the next level and we see her flaunting making more fashion statements in the nearest future.

9. Iyabo Ojo:

Iyabo Ojo has also been around for a while, and despite being known as the TikTok queen among her peers, are we the only ones seeing her consistently prove that she definitely has all it takes to be the fashion queen as well?

Iyabo Ojo is one of the fashionistas Nollywood can be proud of right now and the fact that she is never scared to take risks with her dresses makes her a fashion figure to respect. She persistently pushes herself out of her comfort zone with her looks and we can’t help but look forward to her forthcoming fashion adventures this year.

10. Toke Makinwa:

Even if she is mainly known as a media personality, Toke has acted in several Nigerian movies to also earn her the actress tag. After spending more than 10 years on radio and conquering the media industry, Toke has spared some time to conquer the fashion world too.

Her wardrobe is always the talk of the town because she consistently churns out various fashion items and luxury wears that many cannot help but admire. Makinwa clearly rules her fashion kingdom and no one is expecting her to slow down anytime soon.

Crimina l Fashion Moments At Nollywood Movie Premieres:

I am not the one to go all in when it comes to fashion reviews because I’m of the opinion that we should have the freedom to rock whatever we want and however we choose. However, some of the looks that were on display at “The Real Housewives of Lagos” and “King of Thieves” premieres definitely left a lot to be desired. See below for the culprits and why they had to make this list:

1. Toyin Lawani:

It is true that Lucifer works hard, but we have to agree that Lawani’s styling works twice as much. Before we summarize her outfit, be aware that this woman was also responsible for most of the other looks that made this very list.

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The Safari Cinderella dress she rocked to the “The Real Housewives of Lagos” premiere she was invited for was simply not it. It definitely gained a lot of attention on the night, but for all the wrong reasons.

2. Broda Shaggi:

This Instagram comedian gave us a weird-looking outfit at the “King of Thieves” premiere to earn a spot on this list, and most of us just did not like what we saw. The hoofs were not even the strangest parts of that outfit, it was the Maleficent horns most Nigerians felt they should never be allowed to see. There is a lot more to say about the look, but the more I break it down, the more depressed I get.

3. Femi Adebayo:

He made it clear he was a “Lion King” fan with his outfit at the “King of Thieves” premiere, but all he really gave us was a low-budget Simba look that most of us will love to forget. Toyin Lawani and co should actually come out and tender an apology for that styling because the fake lion and weave were simply nothing to write home about.

4. Ronke Oshodi Oke:

We all love and appreciate Ronke Oshodi, but we will never appreciate her recent look at the “King of Thieves” premiere that gave nothing but spiderman villain vibes. The structure behind her was so unsettling that we have to feel sorry for the person who was in charge of holding the edifice behind her. It is really not a job anyone should be asked to do.

5. Chioma Ikokwu:

The outfit Chioma served at the “The Real Housewives of Lagos” premiere was simply the perfect “doing too much” reference. The sad thing is that she ended up doing nothing at all fashion-wise because the bare illusions, super long train, peacock feathery style, and beaded turtleneck just left everyone confused and uninterested.

6. Stan Nze:

Even if his outfit on the night was appropriate for the “King of Thieves” premiere, something about it still found a way to throw some Nigerians off. It might not be as obvious as the looks above, but you just know something was missing somewhere.

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