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Most Followed Nollywood Actresses On Instagram (2022)

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Most Followed Nollywood Actresses On Instagram 2022

As you already know, social media is a very key platform for all celebrities in the football, music or movie industry. It is the platform that helps superstars build their fanbase and connect with their fans from time to time. Fortunately for us, there are several social media options to consider when you need to engage with your fans, but Instagram and Twitter are currently the go-to platforms with the most influence on preferred target markets.

Instagram, Twitter, and to an extent, Facebook rule social media nowadays and popular figures cannot afford to ignore them if they want to stay relevant in the public eyes for a very long time. Several celebrities strive to deliver consistent content to build their following online and attract more followers, and we have decided to list those who have been doing an amazing job so far.

Be aware that the figures here might have increased from whatever is listed below because the list was curated on the most followed female movie stars in Nigeria as of March 2022. See Most Followed Nollywood Actresses On Instagram (2022).

1. Funke Akindle-Bello – 15.5M Instagram followers, 1.4M Twitter followers:

Most Followed Nollywood Actresses On Instagram 2022 (2)

Nollywood heavyweight, Funke Akindele, also known as Jenifa is a brilliant and talented Nollywood actress who is also a scriptwriter, role interpreter, filmmaker and businesswoman. She made a name for herself in the Nigerian movie industry a long time ago and her success has kept manifesting after many years of hard work and consistency.

She first featured in popular sitcom, “I Need to Know” from 1998 to 2002, and in 2008, she attained Nollywood stardom when she released her own movie titled “Jenifa.” This Nollywood diva has grown amazingly since then and she is currently one of the richest actresses the country has ever produced. Funke Akindele began her career in the Yoruba subset of Nollywood, but we watched her switch between the English and Yoruba subset for some time, before ignoring the Yoruba industry for years back.

Akindele is simply a queen on the screen and this has kept several eyeballs glued to her talent and acting skills for more than a decade. Her large number of fans online appreciate the way she can easily switch from being a classy babe to a ghetto head, and this is why no one is surprised to see her huge following on both her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

2. Mercy Johnson-Okojie – 13M Instagram followers, 537K Twitter followers:

Most Followed Nollywood Actresses On Instagram 2022 (3)

This is another household name we have come to love and appreciate over the years. She is simply a brilliant writer and role interpreter who has dazzled in several Nollywood movies since she stormed the industry in 2004. Mercy began to act immediately after she left secondary school and the mother-of-four can now boast of acting in more than 300 movies during her very long career.

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This movie star is not just beautiful and talented, she is also well endowed and daring on screen, and this has led to her huge following online and offline. Mercy does well to keep up with her fans from time to time too by flaunting cute photos of herself and her family on her Instagram page consistently.

Some fans have even come out to say that they get inspired by glimpses of her personal life when she uploads home content on her social media platforms.

3. Ini Edo – 12.7M Instagram followers, 488K Twitter followers:

Most Followed Nollywood Actresses On Instagram 2022 (4)

Iniobong Edo Ekim, also known as Ini Edo is a talented actress and businesswoman who began her acting career in 2003 and made it big one year later in 2004. The curvy movie star made a name for herself when she starred in the very successful Nollywood movie titled “World Apart,” alongside Kenneth Okonkwo and veteran actress, Liz Benson.

Since then, Ini Edo has never looked back and her fans have multiplied in very large numbers. Her growth as a career woman and achiever was even more obvious when she was appointed by the United Nation as a United Nations Habitat Youth Envoy in 2014.

She was also appointed as the Special Assistant to the Akwa Ibom State Governor on Culture And Tourism by Udom Gabriel Emmanuel years back, a role the Nollywood superstar still holds till now. She has featured in several movies and her already large social media following is expected to keep increasing.

4. Regina Daniels – 12.3M Instagram followers, 23.5K Twitter followers:

Most Followed Nollywood Actresses On Instagram 2022 (5)

Not many would have tipped her to become a household name in the Nollywood industry when she began as a child actor many years ago, but she has stunned us all. Regina Daniels is currently a scriptwriter, actress, producer and model who keeps growing her talent as a movie star since she stormed the industry in 2007.

She is currently married to popular Nigerian billionaire, Ned Nwoko, a union that got a lot of people talking in 2019 because he is old enough to be her father. The controversy did not stop the marriage though, and Regina has since expanded her brand in Nigeria to become an acting role model to young Nigerian women like her.

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Her social media following is very commendable, especially on Instagram, and we expect her to keep attracting more eyeballs to her personality and talent.

5. Mercy Aigbe – 11M Instagram followers, 107K Twitter followers:

Most Followed Nollywood Actresses On Instagram 2022 (6)

Popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe does not need any introduction because most of us already know she is a popular scriptwriter, actress, producer, model and fashion icon. This movie star started her Nollywood career with the Nigeria TV soap opera, “Papa Ajasso,” before joining the Nigerian movie industry fully in 2006.

The mother-of-two is known for her applaudable fashion and special taste for clothes, and this led to her launching her own cloth store “Mag Diva,” in Lagos and Oyo state. She has another “Asoebi by Mercy” store where all kinds of fabrics are sold to interested buyers.

Despite her several controversies over the years, especially her relationship sagas with her ex-partners, Mercy Aigbe keeps growing her fanbase online, especially on Instagram, and we do not expect this trend to end anytime soon.

6. Genevieve Nnaji – 8.6M Instagram followers, 2.8M Twitter followers:

A Nollywood queen that needs no introduction. Genevieve Nnaji is a talented movie star who began her career as a child actor in a 1998 Nigerian TV series. From then till now, Genny has featured in several Nollywood movies, sealing her legacy as one of the few female movie stars that will never be forgotten for her impact in the Nigerian film industry.

Genevieve Nnaji is the richest actress in Nigeria after years of hard work and dedication to her craft, and her large Twitter following alone tells you that she has indeed been around for a while. Her Instagram page is also one of the fastest-rising accounts in recent times, and we cannot really blame the Nigerians who stalk her page to keep up with the Nollywood icon.

7. Toyin Abraham-Ajeyemi – 8.3M Instagram followers, 217K Twitter followers:

Toyin Abraham, also known as World Best or Mummy Ire, is a beautiful Nollywood actress, writer and producer. The mother-of-one began her movie career in 2003 and she has not looked back ever since. Toyin is amazing on the screen, and her obvious versatility over the years is the reason she has earned the respect of many.

This incredible movie star has clinched several ambassadorial deals with many brands, and her online following has never stopped growing. To spice up her age, Toyin regularly posts cute content of herself, her husband, and their child to allow fans to catch a glimpse of how life as a married woman has been.

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8. Tonto Dikeh – 7.5M Instagram followers, 1.6M Twitter followers:

Tonto Charity Dikeh, also known as Tonto or Tontolet is an actress, a philanthropist, and very recently, a politician. Her name actually sits as one of the celebrities that is frequently talked about online and this is because of her several controversies over the years.

However, despite gaining a lot of her followers via her controversial approach to using social media, we cannot deny the fact that her Nollywood achievements have contributed as well. In the few years Tonto was fully active in the movie industry, she definitely made enough impact to keep Nigerians glued to her brand and what she is about till now.

The mother-of-one is focusing on her political career nowadays, and we expect her to attract more attention online and offline when she begins to run for office in Nigeria.

9. Rita Dominic – 7.2M Instagram followers, 1.3M Twitter followers:

Rita Dominic began her acting career as a child actor in 1998 and she has maintained her relevance after several decades. She is a brilliant writer, role interpreter, producer, model and TV host, and a lot of her social media following are people who respect her acting talents and also her amazing drama-free personality.

Rita Dominic has remained a darling to several Nollywood fans and that status is not about to change anytime soon.

10. Chioma Akpotha – 6.3M Instagram followers, 296K Twitter followers:

Formerly Chioma Chukwuka, Chioma Akpotha is another stunning Nollywood actress, director and movie producer. Her movie career started with her debut in the popular film titled “The Apple” in 2000, before she went on to dazzle in “The Handkerchief” in the same year.

There was no looking back immediately she caught the attention of Nollywood fans and she has since gone on to feature in more than 200 movies during her lengthy career. Chioma is also a public speaker and mentor who has earned a lot of ambassadorial deals with Nigerian and international commercial brands like Globacom, Erisco Foods, Omo Detergent, Harpic Cleaner e.t.c.

Chioma is respected for always delivering impeccable acting whenever she is called upon for any Nollywood project, and this has to be the reason why fans cannot help but keep up with her from time to time via her ever–active social media pages.

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