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“Never You Judge A Person From What A Pained Person Told You” – Angela Okorie

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Never You Judge A Person Angela Okorie - Nollywood Celebs

Angela Okorie has taken to her Instagram page to advise her millions of fans across the world, not to allow a “pained person” put them in a situation where they judge others.

This actually makes a lot of sense as a lot of people let their emotions spiral out of control when dealing with certain issues with others.

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When this happens, they only see the bad part about others and will do or say anything to hurt them physically and verbally.

Hence, Angela Okorie advises against listening to such people when they talk about others. She wrote:

“Never you Judge a person from what a pained
Person told you about a person
Wait until you meet the person
in person
Meanwhile keep streaming “Gain” is on all music platforms tap link in my bio.” 

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Elsewhere, but still on Angela Okorie, the actress turned musician recently noted that no matter the “kindness and generosity” shown to an “ungrateful person”, he/she will never be satisfied.

A lot of NollywoodCelebs appear to be touching on topics that tackle issues like this but it remains to be seen if any impact will be made.

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Anyway, she wrote;

“No matter the Level of your kindness and generosity
You can never satisfy an ungrateful person.
We were outside 4real”.

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