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Nigerian Actresses Who Got Married To Very Wealthy Men

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nigerian Actresses Who Got Married To Very Wealthy Men -

Finding love with someone and getting married to that person eventually is an impressive thing, but when the love of your life also happens to be extremely rich, that makes it even more impressive. In times past, as far as marriage was concerned, several ladies were ready to settle down even when financial comfort was not guaranteed, however, that is no longer the case nowadays.

Women, these days, are unapologetic about what they want, and suffering will not be on the list anytime soon. It has gotten so bad that we now have best-selling books on how ladies can attract a wealthy husband when she is ripe for marriage. Well, while some women still stick with their men through thick and thin, some are actually very lucky to find a life partner who also happens to be loaded, especially some of Nigeria’s famous actresses.

These female celebrities are rich on their own already as they keep thriving with their talents in the Nollywood movie industry, but they also happen to fall in love and build homes with even wealthier men. Let’s touch on some names in our list of Nigerian Actresses Who Got Married To Very Wealthy Men.

1. Mercy Johnson-Okojie:

As you already know, this Nollywood legend dazzled on our TV screens for a long time before deciding to settle down with a Prince. Her hubby, Prince Odianosen Okojie is a popular business mogul, politician and philanthropist.

He is the Herod Group of Companies owner, a company made up of Herod Luxury Hotels and Club Heinold, a nightclub, and he also has lots of investments in real estate, among several other sectors. Therefore, Mercy Johnson is not just a prominent figure on the list of most wealthy Nollywood actresses in the country, her financial comfort is at an all-time high after she tied the knot with her wealthy husband.

Speaking recently on how she feels about divorce rumours constantly trailing her marriage, Mercy Johnson said she does not feel bad when she reads such news from time to time because she is very comfortable in her own space and never goes out of her way to please anyone.

According to her, she actually stopped taking movies with extra romantic scenes in 2009 because her husband was not comfortable with such scenes. The screen goddess said she has always been so in love with him that she was very willing to adjust her lifestyle and personality to suit whatever he wants.

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She, however, added that her hubby is an enlightened and well-travelled man who understands the demands of her job and has zero problems with her career whatsoever, so he never fails to give her space to fly when she wants to. Mercy revealed that she decided on her own to stop dressing loosely in movies because, at her age, it was always time to let certain things go and embrace the new phase of her life.

The actress said she even went as far as learning to speak her husband’s language, Esan, in less than 12 months because she was that crazy about him when they first met. Mercy Johnson added that she is ready to do anything to make her man happy because he is a husband for life.

2. Dakore Akande:

The beautiful and talented Dakore Akande has definitely made her mark in the Nollywood industry after rising to fame with lots of memorable movies. She decided to settle down in 2011 by getting married to the love of her life, Olumide Akande, the son of one of the richest men in Nigeria, Chief Harry Akande.

Olumide Akande is involved in several lucrative businesses across Nigeria, and his family is highly respected for amassing an insane amount of wealth across several generations. To date, Dakore and Olumide are definitely one of the richest couples in the country.

Speaking on her marriage, Dakore Akande revealed that she had to get it right because she knew what it was like to make a mistake since her parents were not together when she was much younger. According to her, celebrity marriages are not different from normal marriages, and the only difference is that there are more eyes on the couple.

Dakore believes the challenges in both kinds of marriages are pretty much the same, so celebrities should just do everything possible to marry their friends when they are ready to settle down. The actress said she married for love and nothing else, so she can proudly say that her husband is someone she respects greatly and vice versa.

The movie star added that it is very difficult to stay married nowadays, but when a husband or wife has God, He is always ready to give him or her the balance required to make things work. Dakore said even if it is very easy to get frustrated when the marital home is not as smooth as you want, couples should always remember their vows.

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3. Zainab Balogun:

Popular Nollywood actress, Zainab Balogun, popular for her role in “The Royal Hibiscus Hotel,” also had to make this list after her talk of the town marriage to the CEO of JetWest Airways. In fact, her hubby, Dikko Nwachukwu, is not just the CEO of JetWest Airways, he actually owns the airline company, therefore you can imagine how wealthy he must be.

On how she met her husband, Zainab revealed that they were friends who got introduced by a mutual friend, the popular comedian, Chigurl. According to her, they met, had coffee, and because she was not so sure at the time, she asked that they remained friends and see how things progress from there.

“We just built a really good bond and he became someone that I would talk to all the time,” she continued, and this closeness eventually led to their marriage. Zainab said she has never been one to date guys for what they have or what they can give her, and she has always believed in being with someone who is the definition of kindness, partnership, love, understanding, because these features make life easy.

According to Balogun, when somebody is for you, you will never have to beg for their attention or want them to communicate better. Such a person will automatically love you enough to do everything to make you happy and the relationship or marriage will be effortless.

On what it was like with his kids from his previous marriage, the actress said they initially called her Aunty Zainab, but years passed and they got used to her person and realized she was the one for their father. She added that the day they both told the kids they were getting married was special because they cried tears of joy.

4. Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde:

Nigerian Actresses Who Got Married To Very Wealthy Men (2)

Popular for being one of the very few female celebrities with long-lasting Nigerian marriages, Nollywood legend, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is not lacking money as well. She got married to her husband very early in her life, 2001 to be precise, and her home is still intact till now.

Omotola Jalade is married to Captain Matthew, one of the most successful pilots Nigeria can boast of. He is a well-established pilot in the Nigerian aviation industry and not much has to be said about the hard-earned cash he must have amassed over the years.

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On how she has managed to make her marriage work, Omotola revealed that it is very easy for her and her husband to relate because he knows who she is and what she stands for and vice versa. According to her, they have never failed to be open to each other, so whenever there are issues that can threaten the union, they are always the first to discuss them.

The movie star said they both do not carry the husband and wife thing on their heads as if it is some sacred thing that couples must be extremely careful with, they realize that as humans it will never be perfect so they never take marital matters too seriously.

Omotola added that she and her husband had their journeys in life before deciding to merge paths, so even while they still go ahead with their individual journeys in life, they both know they have each other no matter what and that has fuelled the bond in the union over the years.

5. Mary Njoku:

Nigerian Actresses Who Got Married To Very Wealthy Men (3)

Nollywood actress, Mary Njoku, is also married to Jason Njoku, a popular and huge figure as far as the Nigerian movie industry is concerned.

If you do not know Jason, you would know his company, Iroko TV and ROK, even if he recently sold ROK Group to Vivendi Canal Plus. And the fact that ROK is popular for being the largest media in West Africa, you can only imagine how much the deal was sealed for.

6. Regina Daniels:

Nigerian Actresses Who Got Married To Very Wealthy Men (4)

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels is also popular for her highly controversial marriage to Nigerian billionaire, Ned Nwoko, who is old enough to be her father. Regina was not even an established movie star in the industry when she got married, but the controversy that resulted after the union increased her fame among Nigerians.

Her husband, Ned Nwoko is a businessman and politician who is known to have worked in several sectors in Nigeria, including politics, law and real estate. He is one of the country’s few billionaires, therefore Regina will have nothing to worry about financially for a very long time.

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