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Nollywood Actor Browny Igboegwu Shares Tips on How the Cartoons a Child Watches and the Toys They Play with Could Reveal Their Intended Profession

How childhood cartoons, toys influence career choices - Browny Igboegwu

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
How childhood cartoons influence career choices

Browny Igboegwu is a popular Nollywood actor and a major source of inspiration not only to his colleagues and fans, but to those intending to have children (as well as those with kids already) . In a post he just shared on his Instagram page, the movie star gave his perspective on how childhood cartoons influence career choices. He advised that close eyes be kept on children when they also play with toys as it could be an early indicator on their future interests and potential professions.

Igboegwu also advised parents not to force children into professions as it could affect them later in life as they would not be passionate about it. Hence, “some are changing careers at old age” which of course, is unsettling for anyone.

Toys and cartoons as career indicators for kids Browny Igboegwu

Browny Igboegwu believes strongly that toys and cartoons are early career indicators for kids.
Baby Kosi appears to want to become a doctor when she grows up hence, the toy stethoscope.

Hence, the “My Sugar Boy” actor emphasized that parents should keenly observe their child’s TV choices and favourite toys. Doing this would unlock a child’s hidden potential and serve as vital career clues.

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He wrote;

“Now I have my own chai a very bad market to all my doctors cos this Dr Kosi is a specialist in all fields of medicine.

Pls my Dr thanks for checking my heart and eyes today am so grateful but pls don’t brake my wife’s knees in the name of checking her legs biko

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One more information to parents and intending parents. Any time your child is playing with toys, always watch out for her favorite toys or cartoons. If the child likes to play with musical instruments, you may be raising a Beyoncé replacement. And if the child likes hospitality equipment, you may be raising a doctor or nurse. Many people are in a particular profession today bc their parents made that choice and they are not happy and some are changing careers at old age. Do not subject your child to such unsatisfying and unfulfilled life.
CATCH THEM YOUNG @kosipearl_browny @becky_browny”.

It is clear from the photos, that Browny Igboegwu’s daughter wants to become a doctor in future. The thespian even joked: “Dr Kosi is a specialist in all fields of medicine.”

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Several Nollywood celebrities reacted in the comment section of the post after they saw their colleague’s post. On her part, Nkechi Nweje wrote: “Did anyone look at her lips a replica of her daddy’s . We love you kosisochukwu Nwam”.

While Rita Edochie commented: “Chaaaaaiiiiii see my baby of just yesterday oooooooooo. GOD ALMIGHTY YOU ARE GREAT”.

Mimi Orjiekwe and Nuella Njubigbo also sent out their love.

Do you agree with Nollywood actor Browny Igboegwu’s perspective that a child’s inclination towards specific toys can offer essential insights into their intended profession?

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