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Reactions As Nollywood Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo Asks If Marriage Certificate Should Have Expiry Date

Is It Time-Limited? Fans React as Kanayo O. Kanayo Questions Marriage Certificate Expiry!

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nollywood Actor Kanayo Marriage Certificate Expiry Date

Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, has set tongues wagging with a question that’s got everyone talking! Brace yourselves for some juicy details! He recently sparked a debate among his fans worldwide. What’s the buzz all about? Well, the talented actor raised a thought-provoking question about marriage certificates and whether they should come with an expiry date. Can you believe it? This topic has got the fans’ hearts racing, and we’ve got all the deets!

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the matter. One of Kanayo’s fans, prof.williamizy, passionately rejected the idea of an expiry date for marriage certificates. The fan’s response was absolutely lit!

First off, the Instagrammer emphasized the legal validity of marriage, asserting that once a union is established, it should remain valid until legally dissolved through divorce or death. Setting an expiry date would only lead to unnecessary complications and confusion about legal rights and responsibilities—yikes!

Next, the fan touched our hearts with the emotional aspect of marriage. It’s all about lifelong commitment and dedication between two souls. An expiry date could jeopardize the emotional bond, and we can’t have that, can we?

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But wait, there’s more! The impact of marriage extends beyond the couple. It’s the very foundation of families and communities, promoting stability, security, and social cohesion. An expiry date on a marriage certificate? Not a chance!

Oh, and we can’t forget about the financial implications. Marriage often involves shared assets, joint finances, and legal obligations. Introducing an expiry date could create a messy situation—nobody wants their love life to be a legal battleground!

Now, let’s check out the full comments from other fans:

lowcarbhaven: “No. Remember, marriage is ordained, institutionalized, and sustained by God. Until your last breath, the marriage you chose to contract ought to stand IF you consult the one that institutionalized it to sustain it. There’s nothing like traditional, court, or church marriage. Marriage is marriage, very different from dogmatic doctrines and ceremonies!”

chilekehenry: “Yes, there should be a renewal after 10 years of marriage either traditional, church wedding, or registry… Couples will come together to agree to continue or go their separate ways for sanity… It will help to renew vows, rethinking of decisions and helps in reducing domestic violence in marriage and possibly marital death…”

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cino_rex: “Yes, should in case anybody got tired of the marriage.”

rubby.appiah: “No, it shouldn’t. The word of God says any man who finds a wife has found a good thing and will favor in God, and God’s favor doesn’t need a certificate to function.”

deelekt_lady: “No, sir. Marriage is the first relationship established by God. Before friendship, brother, sister, acquaintance, colleague, cousin, nephew, aunt, uncle, mate, etc. marriage was. God said no one should tamper with it, so man should not put time or duration on it. Amen!”

onaro1: “Yes, it may have expiry dates but renewable in case if they are passport photos attached to it because the photo of you today will change in ten years time like in Italy ten years ago there permanent documents you cannot renew it but as at last year they have changed the system that same permanent documents can be renewed every ten years.”

kenneth_awah: “No, because to have a good marriage, one must make sacrifices.”

_ozeloreco: “No but relationships should have contracts like football. Permanent contracts, Loan, Buyback Clause(in case the person na prospective good person), contract termination (very important) and to have scouts(cause people too dey cheat).”

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chudickitchenequipment: “Yes, it should be like a contract with an option to renew every 10 years or even 5.”

uchenna780: “Much greetings Sir, technically l will start by saying that the marriage certificate should not have an expiration date based on these facts: *Religious concept: looking closely at the marriage certificate been issued by Religious circles or churches), one will not see any space for an expiration date. One of the words that always rings a bell like an echo (whatever God has joined together let no man put asunder) from human dealings, it seems we created an expiration date on our minds when venturing into marriage based on our interest, no patience, understanding, etc *Legal aspect: court marriages are held in court, later the registration is done in (LCDA) local council Development Authority/Area in our locality, having a close insight into those two certificates both the Religion & Legal aspect, no space was created for marriage expiration. With these two elements, marriage should not have an expiration.”

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