Home Nollywood News And Gossip “Eating With Someone Stimulates My Appetite” – Nollywood Actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo Says As He Reveals His Philosophy About Food

“Eating With Someone Stimulates My Appetite” – Nollywood Actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo Says As He Reveals His Philosophy About Food

Kanayo O. Kanayo's Appetite-Stimulating Philosophy: Nollywood Actor's Unique Take on Food and Sharing!

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nollywood Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo Philosophy About Food

Get ready for some juicy celebrity gossip fresh from the heart of the Nigerian movie industry. Nollywood actor and living legend, Kanayo O. Kanayo, has got something truly fascinating to share about his philosophy on food.

Recently, Kanayo took to his Instagram page to give a sneak peek into his life on set, surrounded by the hardworking production members. Mind you, it wasn’t just the behind-the-scenes footage that got the fans engaged. It was his intriguing philosophy about food that left all absolutely captivated.

“Ask people who know me,” Kanayo revealed, “I can’t eat a meal alone. I must invite someone to eat from the same plate. Whether a PA, carpenter, househelp etc. Eating with someone stimulates my appetite. I practiced it before I learnt the joy of sharing. My philosophy about FOOD? There should be no class during meals.”

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Now, isn’t that a philosophy worth discussing over a sumptuous meal with friends? Kanayo’s take on food transcending social classes is both refreshing and inspiring. It’s no wonder the thespian has endeared himself in the hearts of many Nollywood fans.

As the post garnered attention, fans flooded the comment section with their love and admiration:

chidon_fabrics: “Legend, I pray for God to always keep you strong above your enemies ❤️”.

mrsjacksonu: “I actually enjoy eating with others too. It’s sweeter”.

pzona_abuja: “Wow, you’re a true legend indeed”.


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While fan, evil_life_alien_world_klaus_, was hilarious with his comment joking that Kanayo was probably using all those present in the video sharing food for some money-making rituals. Such acts are usually seen in the movies he features in. The fan wrote: “I don’t believe that, sacrifice is ongoing!!! They’ve all been used”.

hybigshot really appreciated thespian’s gesture: “Smiles…. my manest man I love you so much….. GOD guide and protect him, keep living my mentor”.

The interactions in the comments section reflect the close bond between Kanayo and his fans. It’s evident that he has touched many lives with his exceptional acting skills and down-to-earth personality.

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So, dear readers, what do you think of Kanayo O. Kanayo’s philosophy about food? Does it resonate with your own thoughts on dining and sharing meals? Your views are highly welcome in the comments below so join in the lively discussion!

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