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Nollywood Actors Who Married Fellow Nollywood Celebrities

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Actors Who Married Fellow Nollywood Celebrities - Amebo Book

Love, as they say, is a beautiful thing. And it should even be more beautiful when you find yourself married to someone in the same industry as you. This is definitely the case for the several Nollywood stars who have since exchanged vows with their colleagues, and we have a list of these celebs in case you missed it. See List Of Nollywood Actors Who Married Fellow Nollywood Celebrities.

1. Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs:

Actors Who Married Fellow Nollywood Celebrities (5) Nollywood Celebs

They are 2 household names, 2 veteran Nollywood actors and 2 movie faces we will never forget in a hurry. The union of these 2 absolute legends can surely be tagged a successful one because they have been married for more than 35 years now.

Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs are undoubtedly Nollywood’s oldest power couple and Olu Jacobs met his beautiful wife in 1981 at the National Theatre in Lagos during the 21st Independent Anniversary, and it has been years and years of love, peace and understanding between the pair.

With a combined total of about 78 years of marital experience between them, very few people will argue against them being a power couple in our movie industry, and we expect them to serve as role models for more celebrity marriages to come in the nearest future.

According to Olu Jacobs, his idea of marriage is simple, it is everything. He believes when one is thinking for himself or herself alone, such a person will have nobody else to worry about, which will always be a selfish mindset we all must do away with. Olu revealed that until a man truly experiences marriage, he cannot claim to have really factored in others into his thoughts on a consistent basis, plus the institution teaches men and women real-life lessons on toleration, politeness, communication, respect, conflict resolution, love e.t.c.

He further said that his relationship with Joke Silva has kept blossoming because they have always been open and frank with each other. While admitting that there will always be a few disagreements every now and then, they have both mastered the art of calming down to settle the disputes between them eventually.

On how they met, Olu Jacobs said prior to meeting Joke Silva for the first time, he had never seen her before in his life. And when he finally met her, he did not even think twice about walking up to her to declare his intentions, and the words did not struggle to flow. According to him, his biggest attraction to the actress is the fact that she always goes straight to the point and doesn’t mince words. He added that she is also very strong and polite, plus she is the epitome of a good woman.

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On what he does to show affection to his wife, Olu Jacobs said he simply buys what he knows she likes once in a while and gives to her, and Joke Silva goes out of her way to reciprocate the gesture as well. The actor added that he sees nothing with helping out in the kitchen from time to time, and he even does the cooking all by himself on special occasions.

2. Adesua Etomi and Banky Wellington:

Actors Who Married Fellow Nollywood Celebrities (2) Nollywood Celebs

Before you say Banky W is not a Nollywood star, need I remind you that he featured in “The Wedding Party”? Banky W and Adesua Etomi got married in 2017 after they both played lead roles in that movie, as a couple. And like it is with several other celebrity marriages all across the globe, it all began in the DM.

According to Banky W, it took a long time of stalking her page for him to finally summon the courage to send Adesua a direct message. The singer revealed that he believes that God intentionally blinded his eyes from the Nollywood actress until he grew to become a man that was able to treat the love of his life like a queen.

Banky said when he first met Adesua personally, he greeted her casually and moved on like nothing happened because he was simply in a different place in his life and he wasn’t ready for romance. According to him, it is actually a lesson for most men and women out there who would rather jump into a relationship that will crash after some time, despite knowing they are not prepared for it.

The musician turned politician said marriage will not be an institution to endure but enjoy once you meet the right woman at the right time, and that was really the case with Adesua Etomi.

Adesua, on the other hand, said she knew Banky W was the one despite them having different love languages. According to her, when she and Banky W began to know each other, she never allowed him to do things for her financially because she has always done things for herself. She said her husband’s love language is acts of service while all she really cares about is quality time, but they eventually found a balance and their home has been beautiful ever since.

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Etomi added that Banky Wellington will always be a favourite part of her, and without him, she will still be living in black and white. She then vowed to love him forever because he will always mean the world to her and their kids.

3. Toyin Abraham and Kolawole Ajeyemi:

Actors Who Married Fellow Nollywood Celebrities (3) Nollywood Celebs

These are 2 household names in the Yoruba part of the Nollywood industry. Toyin Abraham is a more prominent figure in the English side of the Nollywood nowadays, but she definitely made her name as a Yoruba actress. Meeting her fellow actor, Kolawole Ajeyemi in the movie industry, the couple decided to take the marital step and they welcomed their first child in August 2019.

According to Toyin Abraham, she is definitely in love with Kolawole because every time she talks about her husband, she just cannot stop blushing. The actress revealed that she actually considers him her senior colleague in Nollywood because he was around long before she came in, and they began something in 2017, which failed to materialize into anything because she was very unserious about love at the time.

Toyin said when her last marriage crashed, she decided to never have anything to do with another actor again until Kolawole changed her mind 2 years later. Confessing that it has always been her dream to marry an actor since they are the only ones who will understand her the way she wants, she decided to settle down with the movie star she had been friends with for more than a decade.

Toyin added that she fell more for him because he is a quiet and calm guy, the kind of guy she likes to associate herself with. Abraham then revealed that she realized he was the one because of his very accepting nature, and she respects him for being a man who will accept you for who you are and never make you feel less than your true self.

Kolawole, on the other hand, said apart from God, Toyin Abraham is the next person who makes him happy, and even if he loves his mother and kids dearly, he’ll be the first to admit that he loves his wife more. According to him, despite their own fair share of disagreements once in a while, toleration has been very key to their marital love still booming after a few years.

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He added that despite the talks that tag wives being richer than husbands as an abomination, the fact he’ll always preach couples supporting each other after marriage because the love they have for each other will always be the most important thing.

You just have to be happy for Toyin Abraham since this is her 2nd shot at a celebrity marriage. In fact, her ex-husband is Adeniyi Johnson, another actor famous in the Yoruba Nollywood industry.

4. Gloria and Nobert Young:

Actors Who Married Fellow Nollywood Celebrities (4) Nollywood Celebs

They have both been in the Nollywood industry for a while, but what do we expect from 2 legends that have also been in the marital game for a while? This beautiful and talented couple tied the knot in 2002 and they even marked their 19th wedding anniversary on June 3, 2021.

Nobert Young recently revealed that love is the only thing that has kept his marriage together after so many years, and there is really nothing special about his long-lasting relationship with Gloria Young asides from that. According to him, they have remained friends for several decades with each other, and they will keep living their regular lives without adding any pretence to please anyone.

He added that working in Nollywood and keeping the family together has not been challenging as well because they are both professionals and family-oriented people. Nobert revealed that he and Gloria are ready to go to the film location from home as long as it takes, and there have been no conflicts about that.

Gloria and Nobert Young have featured in so many movies during their time in the industry, and they even act as couples from time to time. They are blessed with 3 lovely kids.

5. Bimpe Oyebade and Lateef Adedimeji:

Actors Who Married Fellow Nollywood Celebrities (1) Nollywood Celebs

The latest couple in town made the list too, and this is a marriage that will be familiar to most Nollywood fans. Bimpe Oyebade and Lateef Adedimeji got married on December 22, 2021, and they constantly break the internet with their new lives as a couple.

Prior to their marriage though, fans still recall these 2 vehemently denying their relationship in public severally for many months. They, however, decided to come clean eventually and their wedding ceremony was the talk of the town.

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