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Nollywood Stars Who Have Been Married For Over A Decade

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nollywood Stars Who Have Been Married For Over A Decade

With the ever-increasing rate of divorce we see in the Nigerian entertainment industry, it is fast becoming a rarity to see a long-lasting and successful marriage that involves Nigerian celebrities, especially our stars in the Nollywood industry.

It has gotten so bad that many Nigerians are beginning to think our idolized actors and actresses are unable to stay married when they decide to tie the knot, however, a few of them still do their very best to prove that enjoying a happy marriage is very much possible.

Nowadays, being married for more than 10 years and still living happily with your spouse is definitely worth celebrating, therefore a few of our celebrities deserve to be celebrated for achieving exactly that. With the list below, we will break down the names of some of our Nollywood celebrity couples who have stayed married come rain come shine as they can serve as good marital role models. See Nollywood Stars Who Have Been Married For Over A Decade.

1. Richard and Jumobi Mofe Damijo:

They have been married for 21 years, so they deserve a spot on this list. After the death of his first wife, Nollywood legend, RMD married ex-African Independent Television (AIT) presenter, Jumobi Adegbesan, and their union has remained strong since the year 2000.

Despite rumours of infidelity arising in the past, the couple has stayed united to weather the storm and prove that every marriage can work if both parties remain committed to the cause. Their union is currently blessed with 5 kids too.

2. Iretiola and Patrick Doyle:

Popular veteran actor and media personality, Patrick Doyle has also been married to highly respected Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle for more than two decades.

Even if we have heard rumours of separation over time, the couple has stayed true to the love they share, and they have managed to ward off all kinds of scandals to keep their home. As a well-deserved reward for their never-ending commitment, they currently have 6 kids.

3. Tunde and Wunmi Obe:

These 2 legendary Nigerian music personalities, also known as “TWO,” have also been happily married for over two decades. They are known for their songs and performances over the years, but they have acted in a few Nollywood movies as well.

This super duo met in the 90s as undergraduates, and they actually began their music journeys together while grooming their relationship. They eventually got married in 1998 and decades later, they currently share 3 beautiful kids.

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Speaking on how they ended up together, Tunde said they met as undergraduates at the University of Lagos and started out as colleagues in the music industry before becoming very close friends. According to him, they immediately discovered that they had so many things in common so they decided to take their friendship to the next level gradually till they ended up as man and wife.

According to him, it is that same friendship that has kept their marriage together after several years because the friendship part of the marriage is actually more important than people think. He believes every couple should see themselves as friends first because that grows the bond and makes couples look forward to knowing each other more as the marriage develop.

Tunde Obe said that his wife is always the first person he shares anything with and that is the reason why their relationship has soared for years as it signifies that they value each other’s company. He added that there was actually no romantic chemistry between himself and Wunmi when they first met, and if anyone had told him she would be his wife, they would have both laughed in the person’s face.

4. Omotola Jalade and Captain Ekeinde:

Nollywood Stars Who Have Been Married For Over A Decade (2)

They have been together for 25 solid years, and if you need role models as far as a happy and blissful marriage is concerned, it has to be them. They are the true definition of a power couple, and it is one of the reasons why Omotola Jalade is highly respected in the country.

Their love is clearly strong and booming daily, and their almost perfect marriage has been blessed with 4 grown-up children.

5. Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva:

Nollywood Stars Who Have Been Married For Over A Decade (3)

Being married for 30 years is no joke, but talented Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva have made it look like a walk in the park. They met in 1981, and they are one of Nollywood’s oldest couples right now.

Despite facing a lot of challenges together, Daddy Olu and Mummy J have managed to grow a super strong bond that is difficult to break. They are proud grandparents and parents nowadays, and even Olu Jacobs’ recent brain sickness is not enough to derail the successful path of their marriage.

6. Omoni and Nnamdi Oboli
They are another force to reckon with as far as Nigerian power couples are concerned, and their love and commitment are so obvious that they could pass for siblings. The Obolis have been married for 21 years now, and the union is currently blessed with 3 handsome boys.

Nollywood Stars Who Have Been Married For Over A Decade (4)

To our utmost surprise, Omoni and Nnamdi Oboli have also been completely free from controversies over the years, but that is largely down to the fact that they both decided to keep their marriage out of the limelight. However, they never fail to display their affection for each other at a few public events.

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Speaking on the secret of her successful marriage, Omoni said her union keeps going strong because divorce is simply not an option for her and her husband. According to the movie star, she met her hubby on a movie set and the connection was so strong that they did not even date before talking about marriage.

The actress added that her man just kept talking about marriage and kids on a particular day, and she had to ask him straight to his face if he was proposing, a question he gave a positive response to. Omoni added that divorce is not an option for them because they have come to embrace the fact that no sin is unforgivable in marriage.

7. Norbert and Gloria Young:

Nollywood Stars Who Have Been Married For Over A Decade (5)

Norbert and Gloria Young have been on our screens for a very long time, but their longevity does not end there as they have stayed married for a very long time as well. They have been man and wife for 17 solid years and their union has actually inspired several Nigerians to believe in the idea of marriage.

Many predicted that their union might not last long because of their involvement in the same industry, but they have proven these people wrong thus far. Today, their home is blessed with 3 wonderful children and their bond grows stronger every single day.

8. Emelia and Ramsey Nouah
Popular Nollywood actor, Ramsey Nouah has been in our faces for a long time, but do you know that he has managed to remain committed to his wife, Emelia for close to two decades while going about his business in the movie industry? Well, he has.

The handsome actor is actually one of the few Nollywood superstars who has managed to enjoy a successful marriage in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and his union has been blessed with 3 beautiful kids thus far.

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On what has kept his marriage intact after several years, Ramsey Noah said that contrary to popular opinion, the success of marriage mostly rests on the woman. According to him, women want to get 50 per cent of whatever they are giving to the marriage back from their husbands, and when that does not happen, it leads to cracks in the union.

He revealed that his wife is really the one holding their home together because she absolutely believes in sustaining their marriage and giving her all to make things work. Ramsey said his woman owns the home and she is actually the driver of their family even if he is the head of the house.

According to the actor, his wife is not an ordinary woman, she is a triple woman who understands him completely, even when he kisses other women in Nollywood movies. Ramsey added that people should stop asking if his wife is comfortable with his intimate scenes in Nigerian films because their companionship and understanding keep their bond strong.

The film director then urged Nigerians to not chase love or beauty when seeking a partner because love dies and beauty fades, instead they should go after finding companionship that keeps them and their partner together forever.

9. Ruth and Odunlade Adekola:

Ruling the Nollywood Yoruba industry for so long is not an easy journey, but ruling the industry and staying married at the same time for 20 years makes it a highly applaudable feat. Odunlade got married to his heart-rob, Ruth twenty years ago and he has never allowed the constant cheating allegations surrounding his brand to derail his home.

The beautiful couple met in 1995 and soon got married afterwards, and their home is currently blessed with 4 boys. Speaking about how he has managed to stay married after such a long time, Odunlade said it is nothing but the grace of God. According to him, his marriage has been far from perfect, but that has never been a cause of concern because there is no perfect marriage anywhere.

He revealed that all unions have their own ups and downs, therefore anyone thinking long marriages happen due to couples having supernatural powers is wrong, as only understanding and patience can make a man and woman remain together against all odds.

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