Home Nollywood News And Gossip “This one too real oh!” Strong Reactions As LizzyGold Onuwaje Shares Intense Fight Scene With Chacha Eke Faani From The Nollywood Movie, “Pains Of Yesterday”

“This one too real oh!” Strong Reactions As LizzyGold Onuwaje Shares Intense Fight Scene With Chacha Eke Faani From The Nollywood Movie, “Pains Of Yesterday”

LizzyGold Onuwaje And Chacha Eke Faani Intense Fight Scene From "Pains Of Yesterday" Gets Plenty Of Reactions

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Pains Of Yesterday Nigerian Nollywood Movie 2023

The Nigerian Nollywood industry is buzzing with excitement as LizzyGold Onuwaje, the talented actress known for her captivating performances, recently shared a jaw-dropping fight scene from the highly anticipated 2023 movie, Pains of Yesterday. This explosive encounter with Chacha Eke Faani has left fans in awe and drawn strong reactions on her Instagram page.

In the video captioned “Wahala don burst… @chachaekefaani watch till the end… Chacha tore my dress,” LizzyGold and Chacha engage in a fierce battle, demonstrating their acting prowess with an intensity that feels almost too real. Fans were quick to comment on the authenticity of the fight, especially when LizzyGold dramatically tore Chacha’s dress, adding an unexpected twist to the scene.

Amidst the flurry of fan reactions, one user, admirable_mjbrownie, expressed suspicions, suggesting a possible underlying beef between the two actresses. The fan commented, “This one too real oh! E come be like say una get beef for each other.” While it’s common for actors to bring realism to their performances, it remains unclear if there was any personal animosity involved or if it was purely a testament to their talent.

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“Hardaezeh” playfully speculated that LizzyGold might have intentionally seized the opportunity to fight Chacha, commenting, “Lizzy is acting like she already got beef with Chacha then opportunity came for them to fight so she had to use it… it looked so personal.” Such banter among fans adds to the overall excitement surrounding the movie and its cast.

Vanessa_chinonye couldn’t help but laugh at the fight scene’s realism, particularly the cloth-tearing moment, saying, “Not this fight looking so real, the cloth tearing part.” The intensity of the fight left fans thoroughly entertained, with some even suggesting that LizzyGold had managed to collect a significant win, as queen_alluring97 humorously noted, “Lizzy Don collect wotowoto.”

While many fans reveled in the authenticity of the fight, others expressed concern for LizzyGold, reminding her of Chacha’s reputation. “Farrnazshetty” jokingly warned LizzyGold, “You wan fight Chacha? Hmmmmm E be like say you no know that woman.” It seems Chacha Eke Faani’s formidable on-screen presence has left an indelible mark on her fans.

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“Mizbibibassey” playfully questioned the choice of attire for a fight, saying, “Dem dey wear dis kind cloth go fight? U get luck say she no use am tie ur neck.” The humor-filled comments demonstrate the lighthearted engagement fans have with the actors and the Nollywood industry as a whole.

The excitement surrounding LizzyGold and Chacha’s collaboration didn’t go unnoticed, with” “nini1_labelle” exclaiming, “Them 2 acting together lord have mercy.” Fans appreciate the opportunity to witness two beloved actresses sharing the screen, showcasing their incredible talent.

As the discussion continued, c.9ine_ifeanacho playfully remarked, “Wahalla no big pass las this for Nollywood.” The vibrant Nigerian Nollywood industry has always been known for its high-energy drama, and this intense fight scene is no exception.

While some fans expressed concern over the torn clothes, such as beloved_john01, who warned Chacha about the cost of the damaged garment, others like princess_prettiest_teacher shared personal experiences, highlighting the dedication and commitment actors bring to their roles. Princess_prettiest_teacher revealed, “I love this. This is how acting should be. I remember when I was casted to beat up someone. I acted it so real that she almost cried after the set.”

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“Flawlessmerci” couldn’t contain her excitement, exclaiming, “Dis one too real oh, and e come bi my two favorites chai.” The passionate support from fans exemplifies the level of anticipation for “Pains of Yesterday” and the performances of both LizzyGold Onuwaje and Chacha Eke Faani.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Pains of Yesterday,” this captivating fight scene has undeniably left a lasting impression. With the on-screen chemistry and powerful performances from LizzyGold and Chacha, it’s no wonder that fans are clamoring for more. You might want to look out for the release of this highly anticipated Nigerian Nollywood movie this 2023!

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