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“Young People Need To Be Inspired” – Nollywood Actress Sharon Ifedi Says

Nollywood Actress Sharon Ifedi Wants Young People To Be Inspired

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nollywood Actress Sharon Ifedi Young People Need To Be Inspired

Nollywood actress Sharon Ifedi, known for her relatable personality and inspiring Instagram posts, recently shared a thought-provoking message about the importance of inspiring young people. In her most recent captivating update, featuring a cozy snapshot of herself lounging on a bed, Sharon Ifedi fervently shares her conviction that the younger generation craves inspiration and affirmation that they possess the potential to accomplish extraordinary feats through unwavering determination.

Ifedi’s message resonates with many young people who often find themselves in need of motivation and guidance. She understands the significance of instilling confidence in the younger generation, enabling them to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Through her unwavering support and relentless encouragement, the thespian aspires to ignite a spark of inspiration within young individuals, serving as a catalyst for positive transformation in their lives. She envisions leaving a lasting, affirmative imprint on their journeys towards success and fulfillment.

In the caption of her post, Ifedi writes, “YOUNG PEOPLE NEED TO BE INSPIRED, TOLD THEY CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING THEY SET THEIR MINDS TO. Goodmorning.” Her words carry a sense of urgency, urging everyone to take action in inspiring and supporting the youth.

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The response to Ifedi’s inspiring message was not limited to her fans alone. Teen Nollywood actress Mercy Kenneth playfully encouraged her colleague to get out of bed and head to the set, jokingly wielding a cane as motivation. Fans also seized the opportunity to express their admiration for the talented Nollywood actress. One fan, ezeki353, declares, “Up to god u are de best 😍😍,” highlighting Sharon’s impact on her audience.

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“Don’t Ask My Body Count” – Nollywood Actress Nazo Ekezie Says


In another captivating development, Nollywood actress Nazo Ekezie took to Instagram to voice her disapproval of individuals who inquire about a person’s body count. Ekezie believes that there are more important questions to ask, such as a person’s se xual orientation. She humorously points out that opening the “pandora box” of past relationships may lead to uncovering unpleasant surprises.

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Ekezie’s post reads, “If you love someone, do you really want to know about their BODY COUNT??? I think a simple question like ‘Are you into men or women’ is way more important information to me cos if we open the pandora box of finding out how many people you have been with… I won’t stop there o… My detective self would want to find all those people 🤣 And believe me, there will be some nasty 🤮 looking people in that list… Some of you be drunk fu**ng most days🙄 So don’t ask my body count dear… Let’s not do that🤣 let’s behave ourselves and just LOVE!”

Nazo Ekezie’s stance struck a chord with her fans, who engaged in a lively discussion in the comment section. While opinions varied, one user, bossolisaemeka1, expressed the belief that knowing someone’s body count is necessary to understand their value. Jayoyuwe chimed in, emphasizing that such questions are often foolish and comparing them to God counting sins.

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While reacting to her post, one bossolisaemeka1 told Nazo Ekezie: “wait until you give birth to a son you would be more protective about his future partner even as a female”.

Responding to his comment, Nazo Ekezie highlighted her perspective by stating, “I don’t argue with children 😂😂😂.” Her witty reply added a touch of humor to the conversation.

Remember, young people need to be inspired and empowered to achieve their dreams. Let’s support and uplift the next generation, making a positive impact on their lives. Together, we can create a better future for all.

Nollywood Actress Nazo Ekezie Body Count

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