Nollywood Celebs is the first all out celebrity gossip site with focus on the Nigerian movie industry. We have taken it upon ourselves to bring the positive lifestyles and all that concerns these actors to you with accuracy.

By the way, I am Chukwunwike Ezegbu or simply Chike. I am the Founder of Nollywood Celebs. Truthfully, I have always been fascinated by the idea of starting a celebrity gossip blog but with a difference. This is my second blog which I have dedicated to everything you need to know about the Nigerian movie industry and of course, the actors and actresses.

In fact, it goes beyond as filmmakers and on set actions are part of what we hope to bring to you. There isn’t really any proper blog that effectively handles celebrities in Nollywood. Most blogs combine this with other niches which we find to be insufficient.

You can expect to see different types of articles covering different areas regarding these celebrities such as their every day living. These include but not in any way restricted to their wealth, fabulous lifestyles such as trips across the world, their children, spouse or partner.

Also, readers will get to see the expensive cars owned by these Nollywood celebs, their jewellery, homes, awards, their joy and their pain.

After all, they are also human beings with emotions.

This means Nollywood Celebs will be bringing their happy moments such weddings, births, achievements and other activities that will keep you interested.

It is also important that we let you know that actors from other countries such as Ghana who are well known to contribute to the Nigerian movie industry are also grouped as Nollywood celebs.

Therefore, don’t be surprised to come across articles or trending gist coverage on these actors and actresses.

After all, it’s all about Nollywood and we have promised to give you the latest gossip/gist, entertainment, quiz and so much more regarding all of your favourites.

By the way, have we even mentioned that we will be bring all the latest Nollywood movies to you? Yes, we will do that and even bring the classic films.

There will be no dull moments as we are the only blog currently in Nigeria with these type of niche. If you are unsure about our claim, then feel free to google or go on a fact-finding research.

Other blogs cover a wide range of categories but not Nollywood Celebs.

We are determined to focus strictly on the Nigerian movie industry as regards the fabulous lifestyles of the rich and famous celebrities.

Mind you, we are not going to leave out the upcoming Nollywood actors and actresses whom of course, you are most likely to hear about here even before they hopefully, become successful.

Another thing important to note about us is that Nollywood Celebs is a positive blog which aims to inspire people to success. We are not particularly too keen on negativity unless we seek to tell a story in a manner that others can learn from to better themselves.

Nollywood Celebs is rather dedicated to positive news and entertainment including some of your favourites hilarious moments or that of their loved ones.

Nollywood Celebs also encourages it’s readers to try to reach us through our email and phone numbers which has already been provided.

Most readers who come across Nollywood Celebs will leave with a great sense of satisfaction. They will also be inspired and entertained as well.

Also, you can be sure that almost all articles and posts shared on Nollywood Celebs are fresh. This means that you are most likely to see or read it first on this blog. We make it a duty to provide unique content daily for our readers.

Our blog is on social media and we are particularly present on Facebook where many of our readers have chosen to reach us aside the blog. We have well over a hundred thousand (100,000) readers who have chosen to “Like” our page as we provide them with the type of content that they have not seen or read yet.

Nollywood Celebs also invites our readers to contribute meaningfully to the topic of discussion via the comment section of each post. We advise that no form of aggressive behaviour of any kind will be tolerated amongst readers as such people will be instantly banned from having acces to this blog.

Regarding how we sort information or gists, we do so from social media and in some instances, directly from the movie stars. This helps Nollywood Celebs to get accurate details on the activities of these popular but sometimes difficult to reach thespians.

We intend to get writers globally who would work 24/7 round the clock and across different time zones. This will ensure that you get first hand stories around the world concerning these movie stars.

This will go a long way in ensuring that you get gists/Nollywood gossip almost before anyone else who doesn’t read Nollywood Celebs.

We are a self-funded blog and do not intend to sort for funds in any capacity. Nollywood Celebs has sufficient funds and is solely financed by its founder.

To state that Nollywood Celebs intend to be at the top of the entertainment industry will be tough but quite realistic, is only stating the obvious. We ars confident of achieving this and have the background to do so.

Part of our future plans involve linking genuine readers to some of these Nollywood celebrities whom we have an excellent relationship.

This will help our loyal readers to get to know more about these thespians. Also, we intend to help as many people as we can who are talented enough to act by sharing their videos to help promote them.

However, we expect high standards and total dedication to the Nigerian movie industry which we already know, is not easy to break into initially.

Nollywood Celebs was launched April 8, 2021.

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