NollywoodCelebs.Com is dedicated to bring its readers information on every day living in a manner of the very highest standards. As a web site, we are fully committed to securing the Privacy of internet users as we take this very seriously.

NollywoodCelebs.Com is located in Lagos, Nigeria and although a new web site, we maintain really strict principles that govern the standards of this blog as a whole. However, we reserve every right to revise our policy in a manner that positively improves our web site especially in a manner that enhances the overall user experience of our visitors to NollywoodCelebs.Com

When we make changes to the our Privacy Statement, we will inform users and if in the eventuality that we have employees and these people in any way violate our Privacy Policy, the matter will be properly dealt with and adequate disciplinary measures will be taken. Depending on the weight of the offence, actions will be taken which could even lead to dismissal from NollywoodCelebs.Com . Depending on how grave the offence is, we could even have offending employees arrested and prosecuted.

While rendering services, our users can be rest assured that they do not have to worry about their information being compromised in any way as NollywoodCelebs.Com do not collect any information. If there is any change to our Privacy Policy, users can be rest assured that we will notify them and then these changes will begin to take effect as soon as they are posted to our website, NollywoodCelebs.Com .

If NollywoodCelebs.Com do decide to implement a decision that will see the website begin to gather any form of information on its users, they will be informed as we clearly stated above. When that happens, it will be clear for all to see as the update will be posted to the website.

Your privacy remains of utmost importance to us and as such, we put all in place to protect identity and information. We do not take anything on NollywoodCelebs.Com for granted.

Also, this web site may contain links that lead to sites which are ran using third parties. However, we choose to include these links as they generally improve your overall experience regarding the information you seek while on NollywoodCelebs.Com .

It is important to note that we do not have any form of influence on how how these websites are controlled. We do not have the influence to review or influence in any capacity the way other websites run their own privacy policy.

Therefore, NollywoodCelebs.Com will not be held accountable should you choose to engage with these these web sites in any business deals or transactions that the parties involved may engage in as clearly stated in our own Privacy Policy.

In other words, our own Privacy Statement may be totally different from the web site. You are advised to read the Privacy Policy of each web site you land on upon leaving NollywoodCelebs.Com. We are ran differently and by that, we mean each web site and its Privacy Statement are not the same.

Therefore, it is important to note that this web site is not ran in any way that is capable of influencing the performance of other web sites.

Meanwhile, it is of utmost importance to review the Privacy Policy on NollywoodCelebs.Com regularly as this will help users of this web site to be updated timely on our most recent changes if any.

Regarding children, we do not deal with any under the age of 13. NollywoodCelebs.Com will not under normal circumstances, allow any children whatsoever under the age of 13 to fill our forms. It is against our policy to do so. In case you did not know this and you are a parent or guardian of such children and yet you are fully aware that your child has provided us with some type of personal information, contact us as soon as you can.

It is important you contact us so that we can take necessary steps to remove the information from our servers.

If in anyway we feel there is a threat or security breach, NollywoodCelebs.Com will handle such a situation professionally and in a timely way. However, we do not see such a problem occurring but in the case of any eventuality, it will be tackled.

If in any way you do not understand our privacy policy or you feel NollywoodCelebs.Com is not keeping to its privacy policy, you are welcome to get in contact with us via email.

In this moment, we do not use advertisers. However, in the eventuality that we have some on our web site, you will be duly informed.

If we do decide to have any contest or some type of survey, we will update our web site to that effect. However, it is important to note that these will be completely voluntary and you are not obliged in any way to engage in it.

We are aware that contact information is mostly used to inform winners. Like we stated earlier, our web site is updated regularly with vital information which requires you to regularly check to stay updated on all our activities.

In this moment, we do not use “cookies” on NollywoodCelebs.Com . So there is absolutely no way that this site can identify you through this means. Therefore, we can not track users or enhance your experience through this means on this site.

However, should we decide to, you will be duly informed.

NOTE that you are not under any form of obligation to access this site in a manner where it becomes mandatory for you to give out personal information.

We are also aware that a lot of people drop their emails, phone numbers and other personal information in the comment section of articles. NollywoodCelebs.Com refuses to encourage any form of action that encourages any patronage with users who try to sell products via the comment section of articles shared on this website.

We will do everything possible to remove such comments as we can not guarantee them to be genuine. Therefore, we urge you to shun such comments no matter how tempting it could be.