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5 Nollywood Actresses That Slay On Casual Outfits In 2021

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nollywood Actresses That Slay On Casual Outfits

There are several Nollywood celebs who are making a lot of money from the industry because they put in effort into their jobs. These actresses can afford to pamper themselves with exotic trips around the world and shop in the best designer boutiques.

However, it is one thing having money and it is another thing entirely knowing how to spend it and get maximum value.

It is also important to dress for the right occasion as some could easily be out of place with their dress code.

The outfits you wear to church differs from what you rock to the club or a party. It is also out of place to be in your suit while at the beach. You have to strike the right balance and know exactly what is expected of you.

There are those who wear the right outfits but do not know how to coordinate or team them together to get that eye-opening look.

Another mistake some of our Nollywood celebs make is to think that with their money, they could just assemble any combination of expensive clothes and accessories to be a fashionista.

It doesn’t really work that way. On the other hand, someone could easily work into a regular clothing shop, pick a couple of affordable outfits and with knowledge on combining these things including jewellery, shoes and handbags and slay someone who has a lot of cash but with little or no knowledge of how fashion really works.

So it is important to note that to be a fashionista in 2021, knowledge is important and you have to try as much as possible to dress according to the climate/weather of your location.

In this article, we will narrow things down to casual outfits especially those who look really good in jeans.

Our aim is for readers to be able to pick up style from these Nollywood celebs effortlessly and without spending so much money.

Sometimes, there are items you can buy at affordable amounts that will turn heads. When you disclose the amount to those who ask, they will hardly believe you. It is the seriousness in your tone that will prompt them to immediately try to get more details on where you made your purchases.

Also, it is important to note that we are not listing these celebrities in any particular order of preference. However, they generally make the best choices you can look up to according to the topic of discussion.

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So, here are 5 Nollywood Actresses That Slay On Casual Outfits In 2021

1. Regina Daniels

Nollywood Actresses That Slay On Casual Outfits Regina Daniels


She is young and one of the very best dressers especially when it comes to casual outfits. In fact, the movie star has stepped things up with her own clothing line, Regina Daniels Fashion which she promotes regularly via her Instagram page.

Regina Daniels is absolutely gorgeous and full of youth which you can easily see from her dressing.

Either which way, the mother of one and wife of billionaire Nigerian politician, Ned Nwoko is a delight to behold if you are looking for casual outfits inspiration.

In fact, she has made it a whole lot easier through her clothing line, Regina Daniels Fashion. The thespian actually dresses up in the outfits and they are all readily available at affordable prices.

Truthfully, from what she sells – clothing and trainers, you can tell that she’s really into looking good.

The actress recently returned back to Nigeria after touring some beautiful countries around the world alongside Ned Nwoko and their cute son, Munir.

Regina Daniels is definitely one of the most talked-about amongst Nollywood celebs.

2. Nancy Isime

Nollywood Actresses That Slay On Casual Outfits Nancy Isime



The Nigerian actress who is also a media personality, is known for her distinctive signature colored haircut.

She is loved by millions of fans across the world who love to see the contents she regularly drops via her Instagram page.

Nancy Isime is every bit stylish and with a healthy habit of combining both big name designer labels and even regular ones to

The 5ft11″of undiluted goodness as she has described herself is nothing short of pure class. A close peek at her Instagram page reveals an actress who knows and appreciates the essence of good dressing.

Aside being a fantastic actress and a great media personality, many of her fans running into millions across the world look up to Nancy Isime to improve their wardrobes.

The movie star has a massive following on Instagram running into millions across the world. Most of them look forward to seeing her personal updates as they get to see that she is a fashionista of repute.

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3. Chioma Nwaoha

Nollywood Actresses That Slay On Casual Outfits Chioma Nwaoha


A lot of people compare her looks to that of Regina Daniels. Both Nollywood celebs are absolutely stunning and incredibly talented.

Their light-skinned tone and similar body shape makes it very difficult to find out who actually knocks out the other in terms of looks.

Chioma Nwaoha first got noticed in a memorable way in the movie, “Kings Wife”. She starred alongside the richest actor in Nigeria, Zubby Michael, Eve Esin and other big name stars.

The critics hailed her for the way she interpreted her role flawlessly hence, many fans and movie producers started to keep an eye out for the thespian.

Chioma is also a flashy dresser especially when it comes to casual outfits. She enjoys flaunting her figure much to the delight of her fans.

The “Spanky Diva” as she enjoys being called, is steady on the rise and also in-demand. Several filmmakers in Nollywood and beyond queue just to have her in their movies.

She is the founder of the cosmetological and body enhancement business “GetSlimby_Spanky”.

Chioma Nwaoha is a brand ambassador with class. The thespian sells all types of products which she advertises via her Instagram page. You must have seen her do adverts for slimming tea and Magic Flat tummy products.

4. Linda Osifo

Nollywood Actresses That Slay On Casual Outfits Linda Osifo


The dark-complex actress knows exactly what looks good on her. But of course, not only was Linda Osifo first runner-up Miss Nigeria Entertainment Canada 2011, she also emerged as 2nd runner up Miss AfriCanada 2011 beauty pageant.

This will tell you that the Nollywood actress/television host is not a newcomer when it comes to beauty and dressing.

She has acted alongside several top actress such as Destiny Etiko.

Osifo was born in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Her grandmother was the one who took care of her until she travelled to Canada at the tender age of 16.

The movie star obtained her Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from York University in Toronto Canada in 2013 after she graduated from St Thomas Aquinas High School.

In case you are wondering when Linda Osifo made her acting debut, she did in 2012 in Family Secrets in the movie directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka. It was done in the United States of America.

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If you watched Tinsel, then you already know that she played ‘Nina Fire’ and she nailed it.

Do you remember EbonyLife’s spin-off drama series, ‘Fifty’, then you probably saw her take on the role as Adesuwa Dakolo.

5. Luchy Donalds

Nollywood Actresses That Slay On Casual Outfits Luchy Donalds


She is absolutely gorgeous and on the rise in Nollywood. The thespian does not beg for roles as she is hot in-demand and is one of those filmmakers love to work with. Although she recently had a misunderstanding with Destiny Etiko, both Nollywood celebs are on top of their games and will most likely go all the way to the top.

Luchy is one of the best young female dressers in Nollywood and she knows exactly what looks good on her.

She is stepping things up when it comes to rocking designers, zsa. A

Luchy Donalds is a big fan of Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah on account of their striking resemblance.

There is hardly a post that the Ghanaian shares without Luchy taking to the comment section.

These are 5 Nollywood actresses that slay on casual outfit in 2021. However, we will add an older actress as bonus who knows exactly how to turn heads with her flamboyant ways.

Daniella Okeke

Nollywood Actresses That Slay On Casual Outfits Daniella Okeke


She is one of the most gorgeous you will find in Nollywood. In fact, the actress will give Destiny Etiko a hard time if both were to be paired together and fans were asked to pick the hotter of the two.

Although Daniella Okeke is in her 30s, the thespian has maintained a fitness level that even the younger actresses will struggle to achieve.

Despite her great beauty, the movie star is well documented to have stated that anytime she falls in love, the person always breaks her heart.

The big question is, Who would break such a heart and for whom? There just isn’t anyone more attractive.

Anyway, Daniella makes the list of Nollywood actresses that slay in casual outfit in 2021 because she looks great on them especially jeans.

Sadly, she does not feature in as many movies as her fans would love and she is not particularly regular on social media.

Feel free to add other Nollywood celebs whom you feel ought to be on the list. There are so many that we have not even included especially young Nollywood stars.

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