Home Nollywood News And Gossip “I Have Always Been A Happy Child Since Birth” — Popular Nollywood Actress, Onyinye Okafor

“I Have Always Been A Happy Child Since Birth” — Popular Nollywood Actress, Onyinye Okafor

Fans React As Nollywood Actress Onyinye Okafor Is Seen Dancing While Singing Praises Of Gratitude To God [Video]

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Onyinye Okafor Always Been A Happy Child Since Birth

I have always been a happy child since birth! Onyinye Okafor, the beloved Nollywood actress, recently shared a heartwarming video on social media, and her fans can’t stop reacting. She was seen dancing while singing praises of gratitude to God, radiating pure joy and happiness. Her infectious energy and genuine expression of thanks have captivated the hearts of many.

It’s no surprise that Onyinye’s father lovingly calls her “Opuriche”.  From her early years, she has embraced life with an incredible spirit, and her story continues to motivate her on her journey.

She wrote:

“I have always been a happy child since birth !!!!! My father calls me opuriche…. MY STORY DEY MOTIVATE ME NORMALLY !!!! God really loves me ooo …. Ha …. Abba am grateful … God really loves me ooo …. Ha …. Abba am grateful … Thank you Abba for everything”.

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The video showcases Onyinye’s deep connection with her faith and her unyielding love for God. As she joyfully dances and sings, she expresses her gratitude for all the blessings in her life. Her unwavering belief in God’s love and the constant presence of divine favor is truly inspiring.

Several Nollywood celebrities couldn’t help but react to this enchanting display of gratitude. Georgina Ibeh exclaimed, “Thanks for blessing us with this beautiful song,” appreciating Onyinye for sharing her talent and uplifting spirit. Princess Chidimma, also known as Princess Salt, expressed, “Happiness is oozing from your pores. Great to give God the praise. Blessings.” These reactions are a testament to the impact Onyinye’s video has had on her fellow celebrities.

Fans were equally touched by thespian’s heartfelt performance. Asaigwee showered her with love, saying, “You are too sweet, and I love you for that.” Onyinyechi1664 admired her for being a beautiful queen who stands against evil, while crystabelnora praised her for the way she adores God. It’s clear that the movie star’s video connected deeply with her fans, inspiring them to express their adoration and support.

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One heartfelt comment from Ngozi Azubuike Chukwuemeka stood out among the rest. She shared a personal story of resilience, relating to the song Onyinye sang. Ngozi revealed that during a challenging time when her second son was in the ICU, the song reminded her to stay hopeful. Her strength and unwavering faith were rewarded when her baby was finally allowed to come home. This heartfelt testimony serves as a reminder of the power of music and gratitude in overcoming life’s obstacles. She wrote:

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“I just can’t love you less Onyi @officialonyinyeokafor , when I gave birth to my second son 2 yrs ago, he was take to ICU, it took me back to memory lane in 2013 when I lost my daughter….In my pains I sang this song day and night, it was hard but I kept my Hope strong that affliction shall not arise the second time. I went home and after one week, I was called to come and take my baby home….that process was hard for me because I would milk and store in freezer every 2 days and take to the hospital. I love this song”.

Onyinye Okafor’s unique ability to connect with her fans through her talent and genuine spirit makes her a beloved figure in Nollywood.

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