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‘Anytime I See Zubby Michael Act Romantic Movies, It Makes Me Laugh So Hard’ – Lady Hilariously Says

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Anytime I See Zubby Michael Act Romantic Movies - Nollywood Celebs

A lady with Instagram username, iam_d_flowergirl, has disclosed rather hilariously, that any time she sees Zubby Michael take up a romantic role in a movie, she can’t help but laugh. She wrote:

“Anytime I see zubby act romantic movies,it makes me laugh so hard and I dunno why???”.

The thespian is one of the best in the Nigerian movie industry when it comes to action movies. His name can be counted alongside heavyweights in the game like Hank Anuku, Sylvester Madu and Emma Ehumadu. Let us not even forget Sam Dede.

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The fan was reacting to the romantic role Zubby Michael played in the movie, THE DEVILS DEN. Queeneth Hilbert also starred alongside her colleague.

Anytime I See Zubby Michael Act Romantic Movies

Every Child Is Special And Unique – Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim is one of the actresses around that genuinely has love and support for the girl child. The movie star wants them to dream big as she believes they are “valid” and “will come true”.

She recently wrote;

“Hey #GirlChild, don’t you stop dreaming, your dreams are valid and they will come true. Just believe and surround yourself with women that will show you how to… YES, mentors are key in your success journey and growth process ladies. ⁣

We must empower girls with education and provide equal opportunities, that’s why they say when you educate a woman you educate a nation. ⁣

Let’s create a safe environment for our girls. When we create a safe space and raise a happy and healthy girl child we create a better world. ⁣

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Every child is special and unique that’s why we need to create equal opportunities for both male and female children. ⁣

Just because we are women doesn’t mean we are weaker or lesser, we can also do things that men can do.⁣

Some of the problems that the girl child goes through in society are early girl-child marriage, female genital mutilation, gender-based violence, rape, and early pregnancy, so let’s do our best to not allow gender inequality to remain on the list because men should protect the girl child.”

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