Home Nollywood News And Gossip “I Started Suffering From Childhood” — Nollywood Actress Evan Okoro Says As She Discloses That She Brought Her Parents To Onitsha From The Village Aged 13 From Hawking

“I Started Suffering From Childhood” — Nollywood Actress Evan Okoro Says As She Discloses That She Brought Her Parents To Onitsha From The Village Aged 13 From Hawking

Evan Okoro Reveals Heartbreaking Childhood Struggles: Brought Parents to Onitsha at 13 from Hawking

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Evan Okoro Brought Parents To Onitsha Aged 13 From Hawking

As unbelievable as it may seem, Nollywood star Evan Okoro recently shared a heartwrenching revelation about her early years. In a candid Instagram post, the actress unveiled a throwback photo of herself alongside a caption that shed light on her childhood struggles and remarkable determination.

Evan Okoro, a proud and sweet teenage girl at the time, braved the odds and brought her parents from the village to Onitsha when she was a mere 13 years old. Driven by her dreams and a burning desire to provide a better life for her family, she single-handedly rented a comfortable room and parlor for her parents using the proceeds she earned from hawking various items.

In her caption, Evan poured out her emotions, lamenting the suffering she endured since childhood. She reminisced about the sacrifices she made, the struggles she faced, and the poverty that stole away her innocent years. At such a tender age, she toiled relentlessly to ensure her family’s migration from the village to the bustling city of Onitsha.

The actress highlighted the journey of life, emphasizing the importance of cherishing the present moment. Evan expressed her yearning to savor life’s joys, knowing too well that poverty had robbed her of a carefree childhood. However, she left her fans eager for another day when she could share the inspiring story of her transformation.

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Evan Okoro’s heartfelt post connected deeply with her fans, as they responded with empathy and admiration. Many could relate to her struggles, sharing their own tales of perseverance and triumph in the face of adversity. From stories of hawking for a decade to ensure education and family care to applauding Evan’s resilience, her followers celebrated her journey.

It’s incredible to witness Evan Okoro’s rise from a young girl burdened by hardship to the successful actress she is today. Her story serves as a reminder that behind the glitz and glamour of Nollywood lies the untold tales of sacrifice and determination. Evan’s strength and unwavering spirit are truly commendable, inspiring young people to persevere and reach for their dreams against all odds.

Her struggles have molded her into the strong woman she is today, a beacon of hope for those who face similar challenges. She wrote:

“Proud sweet teenage girl that brought her parent to the city back then, with full of dreams, I was feeling like a boss here the day I took this picture
chai I started suffering from childhood oooo????????????????
At 13 I rented Comfortable one room and parlor for my parent and brought them out from village to the city, Onisha city, yes that was my first dream in life. And God helped me to achieve it
I hawked everything hawkable just for my family to move to the city, at such a tender age. Life is a journey
abeg make I enjoy my life small..???????????????? because my childhood was taking away from me by poverty
But today!!! Well the story is for another day
Isaaa dewu dewu season”

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When her fans saw the post, some of them could relate with Evan’s struggles.

ujunwa_iwuoha: “My sister nobody knows the story from beginning so when they see the glory they should celebrate. I hawked for 10years to see myself in school and take care of my family. I started doing business very young age. Age school I will go hawk orange even roasted coin front of our house. Thank God for life He’s still Blessig me”.

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iamdebbyking: “This was when you were still Evan before you turned to dewu dewu????. Well done dear. The journey of life isn’t easy????”

zukkyalex: “At 13 years you rented an apartment for your parents……, At 13? How true that can be . Al the same, Weldon.????”.

bmanbuka: “13 my foot , hope you don’t forget to tell them that you had two kids from different fathers.”

abbyamanda30: “Chaii this is so touching. God bless you more”.

officialolaokoye: “Chaiii see me crying we have similar story but different narration God will help everyone of us dear”.

tochiojiyi: “Welldone nne , your labour of love towards your family will never be in vain .”

igwebae: “????oh……proud of where u are now????God has wiped away ur sweat nne????”

zinmybeauty: “God will bless you and restore all the wasted years with beautiful things ur heart desires ijn amen”.

sheli_ogeh: “Enjoy yourself abeg, no form of criticism will take away ur happiness, people don’t understand what some people have been through in life but they only care about judging them .”

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