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“If We Remove Tribalism In ALL We Do In Nigeria, No African Nation Will Catch Us” – Nollywood Actress, Uche Jombo

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Uche Jombo Tribalism In Nigeria

Tribalism exists in Nigeria and it is hindering the growth of the country. In fact, if we were to remove it from the country, no African nation will catch us, according to Uche Jombo.

Sadly, the popular Nollywood actress is correct. A lot of people in Nigeria feel a strong connection to their ethnicity which is as a result of sharing the same beliefs, customs, and language.

It is clear that Uche Jombo understands that historical grievances, competition for resources, political manipulation, and a lack of effective governance are part of the reasons that fuel tribalism in Nigeria.

Hence, she took to Twitter:

“If only we ROMOVE tribalism in ALL we do in Nigeria. No African nation will catch us.”

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There were reactions.

@Peaugot504: “Tribalism is what is really killing us in this Country. It is better let Nigeria divide and let everybody go if that is the best. We can’t make some people feel like they are second class citizen in this Country. I think we are are not ready to be one Nigeria.”

@OyiChidera: “There is no way you can exclude tribalism in the heart of an average Nigerian, no matter how much they try to pretend.. Nigeria was never made to be one in the first place but we keep forcing it”.

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@femorie1: “TBH, I don’t think it’s tribalism, I think it has to do with the ignorance of the citizens, and the selfishness of those close to power and those in possession of power authority.”

@TrumpFriendB: “This is the reason why I don’t like some of you Nigeria celebrities. You guys always turn a blind eye to the root problem of Nigeria. Just look at some like you, who live in America, and still not telling Nigerians the truth. Putting hundreds of tribes together, is terrible.

“The only solution is a REFERENDUM. Instead of you guys to talk about Referendum, you where busy doing election, to renew expired Amalgamation, not forcefully staying together as one Nigeria, who’s dose that.”

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@Emma_Osakpolor: “I keep saying this, one of our greatest problem in nigeria is that there too may Ethnic groups, I mean about 250 Ethnic groups there is bound to be tribalism always…”

@ammaddeuss: “That will take a lot of work…it’s kinda ingrained in some of them. Pass down from parent to children. I cringe when i hear parents still tell their kids the tribe not to marry from. No wonder divorce rate in on the high. Ppl marry to please their parents.”

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