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“Later Una Go Say Na Acting” – Plenty Of Reactions As Ray Emodi Drops Romantic Video Of Himself With Luchy Donalds

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Romantic Video Of Ray Emodi With Luchy Donalds

Ray Emodi and Luchy Donalds are currently working on a new movie, “Between Two Hearts”. The NollywoodCelebs shared some on set romantic photos/Video on their Instagram pages which got their fans wondering if it was just a movie or actual love being played out.

Many fans thought they would make a good couple and encouraged them to go ahead.

Watch the video below and also let us know what you think.

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angelujusp: “See as ur gbola stand for dis small touch as dey feel am too, later una go say na acting . Feelings no be ur papa mate ooo so be careful out there. Yul still dey suffer till today after d acting ooo 😂😂😂😂”.

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shuleecollection: “If i were God only for this moment, @rayemodi you’d be marrying @luchydonalds right now. 😃Y’all look amazing together.🙌 #awsm”.

mon__cassandra: “My baby’s laugh be seeming like someone who’s already fallen for my Ray🥹🥹”.

sugarpeal_badirat: “But this love is real oh without video, Luchy might not have the feeling but Ray did, he truly loves her”.

cynrexdvibe: “Na so e dey start “the handsome ray” ok oh am coming let me check my soup 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶”.

darkie_umi:” Omo this touchy body 😒🌚 better leave my guy ooo 😂”.

patience_mwans: “This one you are touching her am pained😢 come and touch me now my dream🔥I love you both”.

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dollar_admin: “Ray the girl dey blush ooo. Is like she has her eye on u… wink 😉”.

grantfilda: “I like her because she keeps herself natural no filter body , as long she’s a woman of value, respectful educated why not go after her Mr Emodi @rayemodi”.

keyzbillion: “And this na my crush @rayemodi hold like this ooo..my chest ooo”.

renareev: “Good actress. She’s cute Ray. Fine too. She sure was backed up. 😉😍”.

ziondrake2: “She want too feel Ur Vibe out there 😍😍😍”.

kabbayvonne: “Una match die 😂😂😂😍”.

mimie_thole: “Yes she is beautiful😍 you can make her your girl Ray”.

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sani.5724: “What’s going here?Ray😂😂btw beautiful people ❤️❤️”.

mira_kenn: “I don’t like what i hate o😂😂😂😍”.

thandiwemathah6: “U guys make sense ooo🔥😂😂😂😂”.

preeti_tiife: “She likes you too,body language don’t lie😂😂, shoot your shot”.

taland7: “🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️you two would make a descent couple!!!😂😂 not as handsome as me znd my hubby..but you know you know.”

master___pe: “@rayemodi dat girl na Owerri girl ooo. She go k ïll u oo no trūśt imo ladys oo”.

miney_niney: “Me in my mind praying praying 🙏🏽 baba God please may this be what m thinking I waited to long for @freddieleonard to be taken he’s too sweet looking for not to be tasted.”

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