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“Life Is Not About What You Look Like Or What You Own” – Patience Ozokwo

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Life Is Not About What You Look Like Patience Ozokwo

Patience Ozokwo has acquired great wisdom over the years as a result of her personal experience and that of others. The popular Nollywood actress recently stated that life is not about what people look like or what they own.

According to the movie star, what counts is the impact made in other people’s lives. Ozokwo is well known to be a major inspiration to her colleagues and fans who look up to her to shape their own careers and other personal issues.

Hence, NollywoodCelebs isn’t surprised with the thespian’s post. She wrote;

“As you grow older, you start to understand more and more that life is not about what you look like or what you own, it’s all about the person you have become and the people you have blessed”.

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Reactions As Mary Remmy Njoku Reveals The Cheapest Thing A Rich Boyfriend Can Give His Woman

Mary Remmy Njoku has disclosed the cheapest thing a rich boyfriend can give to his woman is money.

The popular actress stated this clearly in a post that she shared on her Instagram post when she wrote:

“The cheapest thing your rich boyfriend can give to you is MONEY.

Only Ladies who don’t think with their ‘rent’ and latest ‘iPhone’ will understand this.”

Her fans immediately hit the comment section of the post to react

tinc67: “Tell them ma, I have been saying this for the longest time. Money is the easiest thing for a man, set standards and he calls you difficult especially boys in men’s skin. Worst of all, african women rate love on account of how much money they recieve from a man. They ignore good communication, emotional avaliability, spiritual, mental moral maturity for money. Once they get in, they want to change the narrative of something they had accepted at the start. How dare you? Now you want love and money, did you set that standard? Tsuip. “

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sylv_hair: “Wisdom full your head auntie Mary which planet you come from abegggg😍”

kachi_gaby: “This reminds me of how people will always tell me, “If the man has money, You will grow to love him”. I asked myself why cant I make my own money?? When you have your own money, you will understand this quote 👌”.

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that_girl_uju: “So true. That’s how ladies get carried away and settle for nonsense wrapped in dollars”.

script_girl: “The expensive thing anyone can gift me right now is to support my business. I am a scriptwriter and a YouTube Manager. 👏👏”.

flexyprince_042: “How dem wan understand wen you gon no even understand watin you post. Set awon motivational speaker. Same you fit still come out later attack guys way no fit give girls money. Money is the cheapest thing yen yen yen. Stop capping!!!”

aliceakhimiona: “When you’re not a liability to anyone it really pays 👏Ladies should always learn to embrace themselves and work for their own funds”.

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