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List Of Beautiful Nollywood Actresses With Amazing Natural Hair Game

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nollywood Actresses With Natural Hair - Nollywood Celebs

Natural hair is simply hair that does not come in contact with any form of chemical or relaxer. There has been a new trend of women ditching the artificial route and going natural, however, maintaining natural hair can be expensive and time-consuming due to the stress and devotion needed to get it right. So while it is clear that keeping it natural can be beautiful and classy for our ladies, the real challenge presents itself when you have to style it.

A lot of African women find it hard to style their natural hair because most of them are not blessed in the hair department, and this has led many to stick to artificial solutions like relaxing, wigs e.t.c. However, with female celebrities, role models and popular figures still changing this narrative and finding ways to embrace their natural beauty on a regular basis, all hope is definitely not lost. See List Of Beautiful Nollywood Actresses With Amazing Natural Hair Game.

List Of Beautiful Nollywood Actresses With Amazing Natural Hair Game:

1. Beverly Naya:

Nollywood Actresses With Natural Hair - Beverly Naya - Amebo Book

Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya is one beautiful movie star who loves to gallivant about with her natural hair. She recently said during an interview with BellaNaija that going natural was not her thing initially, but after seeing how damaged her hair turned out, she had to decide to choose the natural path once and for all.

On if she is ever tempted to go back to relaxing her hair, “I really don’t see myself relaxing my hair. I love how healthy and full my hair is now, it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I’ve got my hair to this point. This is the healthiest and happiest my hair has ever been.”

Several years later since the 2016 interview, this has proven to be a wise decision as her hair is not just thick, but also long and stunning. So don’t be shocked when you see Beverly Naya flaunting her hair game at any future event because we really cannot blame her for being so proud of how amazing she looks with it.

2. Omoni Oboli:

Nollywood Actresses With Natural Hair - Omoni Oboli - Amebo Book

Beautiful filmmaker and actress, Omoni Oboli has been known to storm red carpets with several natural hairstyles over the years. In fact, in one of her recent vlogs, Omoni advised women like her on how they can keep their natural hair in shape for as long as possible. She took them through several methods to have their hair game on lock, including the hot oil deep conditioning route, and fans have been sharing their own testimonies since then.

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She was even quoted saying going natural was a life-changing decision, “I still maintain that going natural is one of the best decisions I ever made…for my hair and even as a life decision. My relationship with my hair is almost spiritual. I truly love and take care of my hair.”

3. Jemima Osunde:

Nollywood Actresses With Natural Hair - Jemima Osunde - Amebo Book

This list will never be complete with Jemima, and that is because she is definitely a force to reckon with when it comes to natural hair. The actress is known to never joke with her hair and she consistently gives Nigerian ladies several ways to style the hair God blessed them with. Osunde even has a popular page for those searching for natural hair ideas.

Jemima is easily one of our favourite natural hair beauties because of her clear drive for creating moments that most Nigerian ladies can relate to. She is known for delivering unique natural hairstyles that are so easy to style, the ones her male fans cannot get enough of,

4. Nse Ikpe-Etim:

Nollywood Actresses With Natural Hair - Nse Ikpe-Etim - Amebo Book

The stunning Nse Ikpe-Etim is not just a screen goddess, she has to be a natural hair queen as well. Nse has clearly won several awards for her brilliant acting, but no one will be surprised if she clinches some more for her beautiful natural hair game as well. Rocking it with pride for several years since she stormed the Nigerian movie scene, Nse is actually one of the few Nollywood stars who keeps her hair game strong and legit.

5. Rebecca Nengi Hampson:

Nollywood Actresses With Natural Hair Rebecca Nengi Hampson Amebo Book

Ex BBNaija housemate, Nengi took Nigeria by storm while she was in the Big Brother house. But it was not just her beauty and brains that did it for most Nigerians, her natural hair played its part as well. Nengi is a beauty queen who rocks her natural hair effortlessly and she will surely get a 10/10 for being one of the pacesetters for the natural hair movement.

6. Kate Henshaw:

Nollywood Actresses With Natural Hair Kate Henshaw Amebo Book

If you are not aware, Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw recently pledged to partner with Adanna Ewezor, frontline promoter of natural hair, to make sure Nigerian ladies embrace her campaign to restore the lost beauty and dignity of the African woman.

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Nowadays, more Nigerian women are flaunting natural hairstyles, and a few Nigerian celebrities have also joined the new trend, including Kate who was among over 400 ladies that turned up at Abuja to spread the campaign for the African woman to return to their roots and do away with artificial hair fixes. The event took place at Sheraton Hotels and Towers, and summiteers concluded that there is really no credible alternative to going natural, especially with hairdos.

According to Henshaw, she actually cut her hair and went full-blown natural more than 10 years ago when she could no longer withstand the pain and stress of the hair dryer. In addition to that, the movie star said that she also could not keep exposing herself to the health risks of using the relaxers, conditioners and moisturisers in circulation.

The award-winning actress revealed that she got rid of her hair on set at Enugu, and all her friends who never believed she could go natural were stunned when she stormed the premiere of Funke Akindele’s movie, “Jenifa,” with her new look. Kate, however, warned Nigerian women that natural hair needs tender loving care to look good, so jumping on board is not where everything ends.

Benefits Of Keeping Your Natural Hair:

1. Rain Becomes Less Of An Enemy:

It is common knowledge that you will not have to run inside the house or look for a place to hide when it starts sprinkling outside when you rock your natural hair. That fear of the water ruining whatever artificial remedy on your head will be long gone and your life will be less stressful, basically.

2. Versatility:

Natural hair steps up your versatility game. You will be able to style it however you want, wherever you want and whenever you want. However, never forget that everyone’s hair is unique, therefore styles on other naturalists might not end up looking good on you. Just find your own special style and work with it because your hair’s unique personality is what will set you apart from everybody else.

3. You Can Scratch Your Head:

Yes, you will no longer have to bother about scratching your head to avoid the relaxer burning your scalp. LOL. You can scratch that scalp anytime it itches because your natural hair game means there will be no consequences for that action.

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4. No Fear Of Sweating Your Relaxer Out:

The days of reconsidering going for a house party because you got a perm and you don’t want to sweat it out are long gone. Honour that invite, rock that natural hair and be the life of the party from the blast of the whistle.

5. Save Money:

Being natural keeps things simple and less expensive. As you already know, most relaxers and artificial hair remedies are very costly nowadays, and if you ever get so used to them, it could lead to debts and financial problems when you can no longer keep up. If you keep things natural, you might not even need to visit your hairstylist often, which goes a long way in saving your hard-earned money for as long as possible.

6. Swim:

I don’t have to tell you how beautiful that feeling of swimming with no worries can be. Keeping your natural hair guarantees every woman that wonderful feeling, unlike when you jump in the water and remain extra cautious to avoid your artificial hair getting ruined.

7. Confidence In Your Hair’s Health:

The fact is that chemical relaxers can permanently change the structure of your hair while weakening the hair shaft completely. This can lead to dehydrated hair, excessive breakage and split ends which no lady wants. To avoid all of this, go natural and guarantee your hair is in a much healthier state at all times.

8. Natural Hair Leads To A Healthier Lifestyle:

Going natural with your hair helps you to cultivate the habit of researching certain ingredients that are used in your hair products before you even contemplate using them. It even makes you conscious enough about the ingredients being used in your foods. You will also find yourself exercising more since the fear of sweating out your hair is gone.

9. Connect With Your Culture:

It is clear that rocking your naturally stunning and curly hair gives women that sense of pride in their identity as ladies with African roots. Everyone knows how afros and afro hairstyles played a vital role in political views for so many years. It definitely stood as a symbol of black pride for decades, and that fact is yet to change till now.

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