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List Of Nollywood Stars Who Now Live Outside Nigeria (2022)

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nollywood Stars Who Now Live Outside Nigeria

For several Nigerians, flying out of the country is one of the greatest achievements one can pray for. We all know how the zeal to leave the nation is best expressed by this popular phrase, “Japa,” and it simply translates to mean escaping the country to seek greener pastures that citizens believe will present better life opportunities for them to be successful.

Currently, we have Nigerians in almost every other country in the world, and we really cannot blame the ones who have been fortunate enough to find themselves outside the country, the clear fact is that there is a better chance of bettering your life as a Nigerian outside Nigeria.

In fact, warnings by Nigerians who are already living abroad about how their hardship has continued in a new country has done nothing to prevent the passion Nigerian citizens have to Japa. It has gotten so bad that even popular figures in the country have not been left out as they have also been part of the large exodus out of our beloved Nigeria. Want to know the celebs who also believed in the idea of living their fatherland for a better life elsewhere? See our List Of Nollywood Stars Who Now Live Outside Nigeria (2022).

1. Stella Damasus:

Nollywood Stars Who Now Live Outside Nigeria (2)

As you already know, the marriage between Stella and Daniel Ademinokan raised a lot of eyebrows on social media, and this was mainly because Daniel was previously married to fellow actress, Doris Simeon. Maybe the drama and controversy became unbearable for the movie star she and her husband relocated to the US to enjoy a peaceful marriage. They have since gone their separate ways, but Stella remains abroad.

2. Pat Attah:

Pat Attah is a Nollywood actor, singer and model who dazzled Nigerians with his on-screen talent for several years before he left the country. He embraced the spotlight when he was featured in the soap opera titled “Fortunes,” however, his breakthrough project was “Glamour Girls” where he played the role of a gold digger.

Pat also played the lead role in a few Nollywood movies until he completely disappeared from the screen in the late 2000s. The handsome movie star then left the country and relocated to Hamburg, Germany where he presently resides. He is currently a singer in his new country and reports say that music has always been his dream.

However, despite leaving Nollywood and Nigeria, Attah is still involved in acting from time to time in Germany, and he is certainly loving his new country. He was born on 17th March 1976 in Anambra State in the south Eastern part of Nigeria, and he is the last child in a family of six children.

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Nollywood fans will not forget how this handsome, gifted, creative and talented actor delivered impeccable acting in several Nigerian films. He featured in over 250 Nollywood movies before leaving the country, including “Be Not Afraid,” “My Love,” “My Wedding Eve,” “Colour of Money,” “My Everlasting Love,” “You Never,” “Believe Me,” “Extreme Measure,” “Love From Above,” “Spirit of Love,” “The Same Day,” “Joy of a Mother,” and so on.

3. Mistura Asunramu Alao:

Famous for her roles in Yoruba movies, Mistura is another Nigerian celebrity who relocated to Texas to join her husband in a new country. She is currently a presenter in Texas, running a TV and radio programme for a living. She also organises events for Americans from time to time.

Speaking on her relocation recently, Mistura revealed that it is definitely a good feeling and life has been good since she started getting used to her new environment. According to her, leaving a country she was famous in was not much of a big deal because she considers herself a star who can shine anywhere.

Alao said that the decision to seek greener pastures and abandon everything that was personal to her was not difficult. She believes she can adjust anywhere across the world because an entertainer should be able to entertain in any part of the world.

Mistura added that even if a few Nigerians often come out to say that living outside the country is not always an easy experience, God has made things go smoothly for her and her family thus far. According to her, it is not a decision she will regret anytime soon because she is presently engaging in entertainment gigs in America to make ends meet and fulfil her passion in life.

4. Yomi Gold:

This popular Nollywood actor relocated to the U.S over five years ago after marrying an American. He is currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the father of 2 now runs a business that involves animals like goats, cows and so on. The news of his new line of business hit Nigerians and his former Nollywood colleagues a while back and many were expectedly shocked.

Speaking on his new environment, Yomi recently revealed that it feels super amazing to be an American citizen because it automatically confirms him as a citizen of the world. According to him, he considers it a major life achievement because the US system is very different to that of Nigeria.

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Gold revealed that he is currently privileged to enjoy basic amenities like a stable power supply and a better health care system, so he has everything to be grateful to God for. Yomi, however, added that he is not giving up on Nigeria anytime soon because while it might take time for his country to reach the level US is at, it is not impossible with the right leaders in power.

5. Victoria Inyama:

This Nollywood actress who is popular for making comments on the current situation in Nigeria from time to time is presently living in the United Kingdom after her marriage to Godwin Okri. It was a sad reality for a lot of her fans when they found out because she was a powerhouse in the Nollywood industry before exiting the country.

6. Rasaq Ajao:

Popular veteran Nollywood actor, Rasaq Ajao, also known as Araosan Pefueele became an American citizen when he won the US visa lottery years ago. This famous actor who began his acting journey in 1979 presently lives in New York, where he works as a Nurse in Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan. Despite living the employee life in Manhattan, Rasaq is actually based in Queen Village.

7. Johnpaul Nwadike:

Nollywood Stars Who Now Live Outside Nigeria (4)

This movie star was famous for playing several supporting roles as a bad boy in Nigerian movies, and his talent really set him apart from his peers when he was still active in the Nollywood industry. However, he left for the United States of America in the late 2000s even shared on Instagram in December 2019 that he is now an American citizen. Johnpaul is currently living happily with his family in a foreign land.

8. Sandra Achums:

Nollywood Stars Who Now Live Outside Nigeria (5)

If we can remember correctly, Sandra Achums actually ruled the Nollywood screen in the 90s. In fact, there was hardly any Nollywood project that did not include Sandra when she was still active in the Nigerian film industry. However, Sandra also relocated to Germany suddenly after she got married to the love of her life.

9. Big Val Jokotoye:

This Nollywood actor stormed the spotlight after featuring in a popular Nollywood movie titled “Omo Pupa,” a movie that was released as far back as 2008. Years later, he relocated to the United State of America to marry his Nigerian-American girlfriend.

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Big Val is now an American citizen, and Nollywood Yoruba fans still can’t believe he won’t be featuring in any more movies anytime soon.

10. Regina Askia-Williams:

Nollywood Stars Who Now Live Outside Nigeria (3)

This Nollywood actress ruled the TV screen for a very long time and she is well at the top of actors who left Nollywood at the very peak of their careers. Regina did not just leave the country when no one expected it, she actually switched careers completely when Nigerians found out years later that she is now an American nurse.

11. Bayo Bankole:

Known to play the role of Boy Alinco in the popular Wale Adenuga family drama, “Papa Ajasco,” Bayo was actually the first to relocate to the US among his colleagues who acted in the comedy show. This talented young man simply won the US visa lottery and landed in the US with his green card.

He currently resides in Arlington Texas and he is a successful entrepreneur who also runs a logistics business alongside an entertainment side hustle.

12. Babatunde Owokoniran:

This popular Nollywood Yoruba actor left the country for the US years back to raise his family. However, this proud husband and dad still visit Nigeria from time to time for a few acting gigs.

13. Omoni Oboli:

This talented Nollywood producer, director and actress recently relocated with her family to Canada. However, Omoni loves Nollywood too much that she comes back to her fatherland once in a while to act in movies that require her talent.

14. Soji Taiwo:

If you watch a lot of Nollywood Yoruba movies and you are familiar with the entertaining area boy roles they show every now and then, you must know Olusoji Ibukun Taiwo a.k.a Oshe Omo Banke. He left the shores of Nigeria after his marriage to a Canadian socialite, Alhaja Adenike Khadijat ended.

However, even if he currently lives in America, Soji never fails to come around sometimes to partake in Nollywood activities that can keep him relevant among fans.

15. Rita Nzelu:

This talented actress embraced the spotlight with her smoking scene as a prostitute in the popular Nollywood movie titled, “Living In Bondage.” She then went on to feature in several other films before relocating to London after marriage.

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