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Most Handsome Nollywood Hunks In 2022

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Most Handsome Nollywood

Most Handsome Nollywood Hunks In 2022

The current generation of Nollywood actors are not just amazing professionals on our TV and phone screens, they are eye candies as well, and the ladies agree that the industry is blessed with built, confident and handsome movie stars.

As you already know, Nollywood has witnessed different generations of actors come and go, however, it is clear that the ones reigning right now are the most macho of them all, and it is no surprise that they all have several admirers as fans. If you do not know who they are, see our list of Most Handsome Nollywood Hunks In 2022.

1. Kenneth Okolie:

He was Mr Nigeria 12 years ago, so he definitely had to make this list. Over the years, Kenneth has become an onscreen eye candy that most Nigerians are now familiar with. He is a talented actor and model, and he is easily one of the most handsome professionals Nollywood has ever produced.

Okolie can best be described as a macho man, and this is the reason a lot of his fans are females who not only appreciate his acting talents, but also his fine boy look and body. The actor has starred in more than 70 movies and he even won the City People Movie Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2015.

He is currently well known for stealing the hearts of many for his romantic roles in Nigerian movies, and while most people might think he is still single, he is actually happily married to a beauty named Jessica Nwakah.

2. Bolanle Ninalowo:

Another hunk that had to make this list is Bolanle Ninalowo because he clearly fits the description of the topic above. He is a popular Nollywood actor and film producer who formerly worked as an accountant in the United States of America before discovering his passion for acting.

Spending several years living outside the country gave Ninalowo an edge in the industry because the ladies do not just love his good look and amazing build, they also appreciate his attractive American accent. His physique is definitely the main attraction though as he is one of the tallest and most handsome men Nollywood has to offer. He has since gone on to make a name for himself in the Nigerian movie industry and we definitely expect more from him in the coming years. Also, back off ladies, Ninalowo is married.

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Talking about being married, his marital life has not always been a smooth ride as it was once on the brink of collapse, but every issue has since been ironed out and he remains a happy married man and father. In fact, according to Ninalowo, his wife completely understands the entertainment industry now that she is no longer easily disturbed by any cheating reports surrounding the kind of roles he plays in Nollywood movies.

He said they have always had a bond because they got together at a very early age and they shared similar dreams while growing up. Bolanle believes their reconciliation has taken their bond to a whole new level and he is not ready to do anything that will jeopardize that in any way.

On how he handles ladies who are attracted to him, Nina said whatever external attention his look attracts is not of interest to him because he has always been about himself and his family. According to the movie star, he will always be a focused person, and even when he and his wife had issues, he never got involved with anyone else, because his attention will never drift from his home and family.

3. Frederick Leonard:

Frederick is surely one of Nollywood’s leading actors right now because he has clearly carved a name for himself in the Nigerian movie industry. With several awards to his name, Leonard is one of the most admired Nollywood actors, especially with a body build most ladies are willing to die for.

Everything about Leonard is definitely worth admiring, especially when you find out that the actor is currently single after his past failed marriage. He is mostly brilliant and articulate with his movie roles and he once admitted to knowing why Nollywood producers prefer to give him romantic roles. According to him, they come to him to play such roles because they have seen him play them successfully in other projects.

On how he handles female admirers, Frederick said he focuses on showing love to them all, on a friendship level. According to him, looking good as a human being, whether as a man or a woman, is a gift from God. And regardless of the millions of admirers that one person has in life or the kind of advances fans make towards you, male celebrities cannot sleep with all of them, but they can remain friends with most.

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Leonard believes actors can teach their female fans a whole lot that would set them on the right path if they live the right kind of life. He added that getting in bed with female fans will simply mean abusing the privilege God has given you, and that will make our Creator withdraw His talent eventually.

4. Blossom Chukwujekwu:

Like most Nollywood actors right now, Blossom Chukwujekwu did not study Theatre Art at the university to become a household name in the industry, he simply developed his talent for it. Presently one of the most successful actors Nigerians have come to love and appreciate, Blossom has featured in a lot of successful Nollywood projects.

The award-winning actor immediately stole the hearts of ladies with his handsome face and macho body, and some of his female fans even value these traits more than his acting talents. Sadly though, after his failed marriage with Maureen Esisi, Blossom went off the market again by getting married to another woman early this year.

5. Gbenro Ajibade:

This popular Nollywood actor, producer and model is another new generation actor that is taking the Nollywood industry by storm. Despite intending to become a medical doctor when he was much younger, Gbenro Ajibade found himself in the modelling and acting industry, and you will agree with me that his obvious talent for both makes it a decision he’ll never regret.

He is a skilled and qualified model who has appeared in a good number of fashion shows within and outside the country, and he has also acted in a lot of successful Nollywood movies. The ladies definitely love Gbenro for his smile, body and good look, and we really cannot blame them.

6. Alex Ekubo:

Most Handsome Nollywood - Alex Ekubo

He was the first runner-up of Mr Nigeria 2010, but he has since transformed into the award-winning Nollywood actor and model we know now. Alex won the Best Supporting Role Award in 2013 at the Best of Nollywood Awards, and it has been an upward trajectory from then on.

This law graduate best fits the description of a ladies’ man, and we cannot agree more as he is endowed with a good body, a fine face and a charisma women will die for. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for his several admirers, he got engaged to his model girlfriend months back but the relationship packed up amid cheating allegations.

7. Michael Godson:

Most Handsome Nollywood - Mike Godson

Godson is another popular actor that has starred in several successful Nollywood movies and he can best be described as one of the pace setters for the current generation of Nollywood actors. He started acting in 2009 and has gathered a huge fanbase that includes a lot of ladies who admire his handsome face and attractive personality.

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Appearing in more than 100 movies thus far, Michael has clearly paved a successful path for himself in the movie industry, and we expect to see more from him in the coming years.

8. Daniel K Daniel:

This is another Nollywood hunk worth mentioning as this talented actor, model and voice-over artist is not just talented, he also has the fine look to catch any lady’s attention.

Daniel K Daniel clinched the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) and the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) awards for Best Actor in 2016, and his career has blossomed in several ways since then. Sadly for his several female fans, they will have to back off again because Daniel is happily married to his beautiful wife.

9. Kunle Remi:

Another hunk that had to make this list is Kunle Remi, and this very handsome actor fell in love with acting at a very young age. The love was actually so strong that Kunle abandoned his studies at the University of Ibadan to study at the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles.

He then participated in the Guilder Ultimate Search in 2010, winning against all odds, and embracing the limelight fully as a movie star. He is currently one of the eye candies Nigerian ladies cannot have enough of on-screen, and many also admire his amazing script interpretation skills in Nollywood movies.

10. Mofe Duncan:

Most Handsome Nollywood - Mofe Duncan

Born Josbert Thomas Kwamina Eyimofe, Mofe Duncan is one Nollywood hunk the ladies never get tired of admiring. He used to be a child model when he was much younger, but then he developed passion for acting and proceeded to make a name for himself in the industry.

Mofe has since appeared in several blockbuster movies and can best be described as one of the most talented and handsome stars Nollywood has ever produced. If you are not aware, Duncan used to be married, but due to irreconcilable differences, he parted ways with his wife years ago. So, ladies, Mofe Duncan is definitely single and might be ready to mingle.

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