Home Nollywood Movies And TV “I Jumped On The Job” – Super Excited Nigerian Actress Lolade Okusanya Says As She Lands Her First “House Girl” Character Role

“I Jumped On The Job” – Super Excited Nigerian Actress Lolade Okusanya Says As She Lands Her First “House Girl” Character Role

Nigerian Actress Lolade Okusanya discusses her first house girl character role in a Nollywood movie

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nigerian Actress Lolade Okusanya First House Girl Character Role

Nigerian actress Lolade Okusanya is “super excited” having landed her first “house girl” character role in what appears to be in an Asaba Nollywood movie production.

The thespian opened up in an Instagram post on her challenges on set, the hilarious way her name was being pronounced and the difference between casting in Asaba and Lagos.

She wrote;

“My first house girl character and I’m super excited about it

“One of my mentors advised me that…‘if you can forget your beauty and shape and be versatile enough to take any role instead of only släy-queen roles. Then you’re serious about the acting business’. It sounded easy that day but Omo in reality it’s not oo.

“I’m so used to playing either a töxic ex, rich spoilt gf or dramatic babe but housegirl?…Wait! I won’t be pretty on screen? I’d be speaking pidgin? I won’t wear heels? Excuse me, I WONT KISS?

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“When I saw the script I was like…’Ermmm, do this people know I played a strippêr in IJAKUMO?’ but hey! I jumped on the job. I’m not here to look pretty, I’m here to make-believe a CHARACTER and if it entails me rolling in the mūd, so be it (Okay chill! That’s a bit scary…MUD?)

“Anyway, costuming me was another chällenge on set. My big bümbüm was just making all the clothes look sêxy. The person playing the husband was like…’If Lola na my house help, na to knäck am, turn her to small madam oo’. The lady playing the wife would be like…’If this no be feem, I can’t employ Lola oo’. You people shuu allow my bümbüm breeeeefffff.

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“I lowkey show madam and Oga small pépper sha. You know me, I’m not a funny person but I’m just too drämatic.

“I must say this tho…ASABA PEOPLE DEY SHOOT OOO. There’s always a job! and they can recommend you paa!. The sweetest thing is how they transfer money for future jobs thereby tyïng you down. Someone has even paid for my December.

“I miss the challênge in Lagos sha but I don see Lagos finish. Besides, once Lagos producers see that you have büm…Slay queen role straight! especially bcs of my sênsual role in IJAKUMO but most Asaba people haven’t even watch ijakumo bcs of the mix of yoruba, so they see me as a versatile actor here and I like it. I want to see this career from different angles, not just one.

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“P.s- Asaba people have mürdered the pronunciation of my surname…What the hêck is …OKRUMSAYA. Just call me ‘Pearl’ for God’s sake. I love it here. Amazing people too. Grateful for the opportunity”.

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