Home Nollywood News And Gossip “No Family Member Will Live With Me And My Husband Unless..” — Nollywood Actress, Angela Eguavoen

“No Family Member Will Live With Me And My Husband Unless..” — Nollywood Actress, Angela Eguavoen

Angela Eguavoen Takes a Stand: No Family Member Will Live With Me and My Husband!

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
No Family Member Will Live With Me And My Husband Angela Eguavoen

In a recent interview with Saturday Beats (PunchNG), Nollywood actress Angela Eguavoen dropped a bombshell, revealing her firm decision that no family member will live with her and her husband. The talented actress made it clear that she’s not willing to compromise on this matter, except in exceptional circumstances.

Angela Eguavoen expressed her opinion on the matter, stating, “Unless she (mother-in-law) is sick and in need of attention, no family member will live with me and my husband. I am a busy woman and not the type that would sit at home to take care of anybody. I am of the opinion that in-laws living permanently with a newly-wed couple is not good.”

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This bold stance reflects Angela’s strong belief in maintaining boundaries and personal space within her marital home. As a rising star in the Nigerian movie industry, she leads a demanding and hectic life. Angela’s dedication to her career means she values her time and privacy with her husband (whenever she gets married) .

Mind you, it is important to note that in some African culture, it is not out of place for relatives to stay with married siblings.

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While some may see her decision as unconventional, Angela’s determination to maintain a separate living arrangement from her extended family is a reflection of her independent spirit. She firmly believes that newly-wed couples should have the freedom to establish their own routines, build their lives together and nurture their relationship without external interference.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities like Angela Eguavoen to draw the line when it comes to blending family and personal life. The pressures of fame, work commitments and the desire for personal space often drive these decisions. Angela’s clear stance on this matter shows her commitment to her own happiness and the well-being of her marriage.

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The “Caged” actress sparked a debate among fans on social media. Some applauded her for setting boundaries and standing up for what she believes in, while others criticized her for potentially alienating her family and that of husband’s. Regardless, it’s evident that Angela is not afraid to speak her mind and make choices that align with her personal values.

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