Home Nollywood News And Gossip Most Of The People Advising May Yul-Edochie To Leave Her Husband, Yul Don’t Have Good Homes – Veteran Nollywood Actor, Pete Edochie

Most Of The People Advising May Yul-Edochie To Leave Her Husband, Yul Don’t Have Good Homes – Veteran Nollywood Actor, Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie recently disclosed in an interview with Chude Jideonwo that most of those advising May Yul-Edochie to leave her husband, Yul Edochie don't have good homes.

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nollywood Actor Pete Edochie Reaction Yul 2nd Marriage

Pete Edochie is one of the greatest Nollywood actors to ever come out of the Nigerian movie industry. The veteran is also one of the most respected. He recently opened up regarding his son, Yul Edochie’s second marriage to Judy Austin Yul-Edochie.

According to the veteran movie star, he was not informed of the marriage and only found out just the same way he did when Yul was running for the Anambra State gubernatorial election. In fact, he thought the posters were from a movie production.

Edochie was also very close to calling May his favourite among his daughters-in-law but had the discipline not to. He also appeared to suggest that May Yul-Edochie is not particularly too convinced about his non-involvement in Yul and Judy’s marriage.

According to the thespian, he and May’s father were really close before her marriage. He also genuinely stated clearly that he would never forget the reception that he received when he went to Yul and May’s traditional wedding rites.

Pete Edochie also made it clear that May Yul-Edochie is more than a daughter-in-law to him.

You can watch the interview in part right here!

A bit of Pete Edochie’s interview with Chude Jideonwo below.

PETE: First of all, Yul is 41 and I really don’t interfere in his affairs, no. Suddenly we heard he’s picked up a second wife.

CHUDE: You didn’t know before he picked the wife up?

PETE: There is one thing you must know about me. I don’t lie, it’s not necessary. God created me so well, If I tell you this thing is black, it is black. You know, it’s like when he want everything to run for governor or something. When I saw his photograph, I thought it was introduction they were doing. There was someone who called me and said do you know something? Yul is running for governor and I said he must be crazy, how? I never heard it. I have 5 sons, I don’t interfere with their lives you know. If they say daddy, so and so thing is happening, good, if they don’t tell me, I don’t bother. If they tell me, beautiful. We just heard it and that’s it.

CHUDE: So you suddenly heard that he had taken a wife?

PETE: Yeah, we did, we did. There is something we always say in igbo: ‘if you go and pick up ant infested faggots, it’s a direct invitation to the lizards, come to roast, right?’ So, here I am and that’s all.

May Yul Edochie First Wife


Meanwhile, there were reactions.

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nkolinirvana: ‘”Mary is a girl that I love to the marrow… Mary is a very intelligent lady…. Mary is a computer wizard, to a large extent, the success of that marriage depends on her, Mary is a wonderful person… Mary, Maryyyy” 🥲🥲😭😭😭 Why do bad things happen to goof people??? Yul is an efulefu son.’

srigeorgeom: “It Takes A Lot For A Father In Law To Be This Honest. He Knows That His Son F Up 😢”.

anezi: “🙌🙌 see how he spoke about May….. the success of That home was to May’s credit. See how this father in law spoke so beautifully about his Daughter in law.”

princessilee: “I love sir Pete but won’t agree on everything he said ,and I believe it’s because he’s probably not on social media to see all yul did with Judy , Serah Martins and their recruit . May in the beginning tried fighting for her home everyone saw it till she lost her son and Judy with her spokes woman Sarah still won’t give her a break . With the way Judy behaves it would be crazy to co wife with her and yul won’t be of help either . Whatever May chooses to me is her decision and no external influence paid a part . You can tell she’s smart and thinks through . Having a good relationship with your kids should be a priority I think he missed it when they where younger and just couldn’t come around afterwards, I have seen that with some father even if they don’t mean any harm , they just missed trying hard to be friends with their sons”.

prettithings: “From this little clip, I found two significant takeaways. Firstly, he validated our impression of May, praising her as a solid and intelligent individual with a good background. Secondly, he agrees, using proverbs, that Yul deserves the criticism he is receiving due to his recent decisions and drama.
While I may not fully concur with his views on people misleading May, I anticipated his generational viewpoint to shape his perspective.”

surebillionaire: “He is running for governor “He must be crazy” 🤣 Ebubedike vindicated May Edochie ❤️ ❤️”.

j.scents_more: “I worked for may and yul at their first store at sangote when she was selling wine and clothes. I lived with them at crown estate ajah, for a fact ,that woman is intelligent 👌. She does hee kids home work her self,the day she drew Nigerian court of arm for her son, I respected her 👏 👍. Mama knows computer like her palm” ( The fan actually meant Coat of arms of Nigeria).

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ogamaestro: “He said Mary is being wrongly advised and absolved his son of any blame.

“My son could have” no
“My son is responsible” no

Blame everyone but the son.
Gotta love African parents.

Dear Mary, wherever you are, I hope you know that you can love and revere this legend and still remain separated from his son?

Don’t let anyone guilt trip you o.”

__amaka.onwe: “The success of that home is credited to May, I pray the love and sacrifices you make never be returned back to you with a slap!”

thembi5103: “Yul has show that no matter how well a child is trained ,he can decide to be a nuisance after leaving the parents house..yul will definitely regret his actions but then it too late already, his internet shenanigans is so hard to ignore on what he is making MAY n their kids go through. If it where me too as May I will LEAVE at this stage”.

talk2elis: “The only point I pick here : the people pushing don’t have a happy home 👏 go and verify”.

duresellz: “But then i dont buy the idea of him saying she is being wrongly advised to leave Yul…for Goodness sake which sane woman who has done all the amazing things you say she does…will stay and watch Yul and Judy make a mess and mockery of her and her mental state like that..and you still want her to stay??”

levinahairclub: “People want him to abuse Yul publicly ,No . Yul remains his son, right now he is prodigal and that is what prayer will solve, he is a man and men don’t talk anyhow, you people should read between the lines, the praise he gave May though guarded is powerful, the success of the marriage , he attributed to her. Yul is a troubled man and his father knows. But a real father won’t put anyone down . As per bad freinds ,he said they are telling May he knows about Yuls behaviour 😀and that he didn’t know or sanction. Please watch to understand 🙏”.

inazcreamyspoonyoghurt: “@mayyuledochie take your flowers 💐… you’re a super woman any woman that bring success into her home is not the kind of woman any man should joke with. I’m happy daddy said this publicly ❤️”.



styleapp.foru: “@judyaustin1 Heavens will never rest until they disgrace you for destroying a wonderful Home!!. U don’t have conscience at all!!!…… I trust the God of Vengeance!, the way He will Disgrace you will be like a serious Shock to You.”

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ugochi_nnenna: “From this I know where the problem came from most men don’t like it when their success is attributed to a woman, they want to build their castle themselves. What’s my say in this, the moment yul took judy as a second wife it broke the camels back, assuming judy was left as a baby mama this matter for Don settle since eee but again Judy greases yuls ego and that’s why his with her. I pray they all find peace a broken home takes a toil on the children”.

deizygirl: “You all condemned Pete, what would you have him say? Come out openly and condemn his son? Or bring out his son for slaughter? This is a family issue, and it needs to be handled with diplomacy, especially as the man in question is a full-fledged adult. And as a father who loves his daughter in law, he would want her to wait patient until his son comes around. That is what was obtainable in their time. So you don’t expect him to advice May to leave. No Pete Edochie slander will be tolerated”.

dixiechic85: “@judyaustin1 you came to destroy a beautiful family 👪 God will not forgive you”.

realolopele1: “Can Nigerians rest now? You can see the legend never supported his son 😍😍😍😍”.

hazel_uzor: “Social media people just want this man to publicly validate their feelings… he really doesn’t owe anyone that, he still remains yuls father, and you can clearly see that he is not clapping for his son and the choices he’s made.”

onyxgodwin: “Nobody’s advising her wrongly tho, she lost her first son in the midst of all the chaos Yul and Judy caused , there’s no coming back from something like that, ever.”


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