Home Nollywood News And Gossip Ini Edo, Destiny Etiko, Rachael Okonkwo, Other Nollywood Celebs React As Actress Eve Esin Discloses That She Was “Involved In A Very Serious Accident”

Ini Edo, Destiny Etiko, Rachael Okonkwo, Other Nollywood Celebs React As Actress Eve Esin Discloses That She Was “Involved In A Very Serious Accident”

Nollywood Actress Eve Esin Survives Serious Accident: Celebs React

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nollywood Actress Eve Esin Accident

Nollywood actress Eve Esin revealed a harrowing experience she and her friend, Fortune Mfoniso Daniels, went through. Yesterday, July 13, made it exactly one week since they were involved in a serious accident. However, they miraculously survived unscathed. The news of this near-death encounter quickly spread, capturing the attention of fans and fellow celebrities alike.

Eve Esin, known for her remarkable talent and captivating performances, took to social media to share her story. In a heartfelt post, she expressed her profound gratitude to God for His divine intervention. While the thespian doesn’t usually share every aspect of her life on social media, she felt compelled to share this life-altering experience and give praise where it is due. She wrote:

“It’s exactly 1 week today my friend @fortunedaniels and I were involved in a very serious accident but God showed up in all his glory.

“I am not one to post everything about me on social media. I even didn’t plan to post at all but on a second thought, God came through for us. Why hold back his praises?

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“At that moment when we both felt it was over, all I kept saying was “blood of Jesus” and all my friend kept saying was “Father Lord I thank you”. These words were on repeat on our lips. How we made it that day still remains a miracle.

“You turned that trial to a testimony and in the lyrics of the song that I kept singing all through last week, till date. I honestly agree dear Lord that “YOU ARE TOO FAITHFUL TO FAIL ME. YOU’VE PROVEN YOURSELF IN MY LIFE AND I HAVE COME TO REALISE, YOU ARE TOO FAITHFUL TO FAIL ME”.

The moments following the accident were filled with fear and uncertainty. Eve Esin and Fortune Daniels believed their lives were hanging by a thread. Yet, amidst the terror, their unwavering faith in God remained steadfast. “Blood of Jesus” became Eve Esin’s repeated refrain, while Fortune Daniels expressed gratitude to the Almighty, uttering, “Father Lord, I thank you.” These words became their steadfast declaration throughout the traumatic ordeal.

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The fact that Eve Esin and Fortune Daniels survived the accident can only be described as a miracle. Both of them firmly believe that God turned their trial into a testimony. Even in the days that followed, the movie star found solace in the lyrics of a song that echoed her sentiment of God’s faithfulness. She wholeheartedly agreed that “YOU ARE TOO FAITHFUL TO FAIL ME,” acknowledging God’s unwavering presence in her life.

As news of Esin’s accident spread, fellow Nollywood celebrities rallied around her with words of encouragement and support. Ini Edo, renowned for her grace and beauty, expressed her gratitude to God for His mercy and declared that there shall be no loss. Destiny Etiko, affectionately calling her “Koko baby,” flooded Eve Esin with love and heartfelt emojis. Adanma Luke, a close friend, reassured her colleague that God still has great plans for her and that she will witness generations to come.

The outpouring of love and well-wishes continued from other notable Nollywood personalities. Ebube Nwagbo thanked God for His mercies, while Luchy Donalds exclaimed the faithfulness of God. Nuella Njubigbo, Chizzy Alichi, Rachael Okonkwo, Ngozi Ezeh, Junior Pope, Jane Obi, Iheme Nancy, and Anita Joseph all joined in expressing their gratitude to God and their immense joy at Eve Esin’s safety.

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This incident serves as a stark reminder of life’s unpredictable nature and the importance of cherishing every moment. Eve Esin’s harrowing experience has brought the Nollywood community closer together, fostering a sense of unity and support.

Fans and admirers of Nollywood  need to appreciate these celebrities while we have them. Eve Esin’s story serves as a powerful lesson in gratitude and resilience. Let us continue to show love and support to our beloved Nollywood stars, not only during challenging times but always.

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