Home Nollywood News And Gossip I Have “Nothing To Prove” — Actor Zubby Michael Reacts As Colleague, Frank Tana Declares Himself The “Biggest Force” In Nollywood With Unbelievable Display Of Wealth

I Have “Nothing To Prove” — Actor Zubby Michael Reacts As Colleague, Frank Tana Declares Himself The “Biggest Force” In Nollywood With Unbelievable Display Of Wealth

Nollywood Actor Zubby Michael Brushes Off Rivalry Claims, Stays Unfazed by Frank Tana's Lavish Display of Wealth

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Nollywood Actor Zubby Michael

In the world of glitz and glamour, Nollywood never fails to keep us entertained with its dose of rivalry and jaw-dropping displays of wealth. The latest showdown comes as actor, Frank Tana takes to social media to flaunt his new fleet of luxury SUVs, claiming the title of the “biggest force” in the industry. But Zubby Michael, has a different approach to this grand spectacle.

While the internet buzzes with excitement over Frank Tana’s extravagant purchases, Zubby Michael, the charismatic actor with an undeniable talent, chooses to take the high road. In a post that speaks volumes, he declares that he has “nothing to prove.” It seems that Zubby knows his worth and refuses to engage in the materialistic game of one-upmanship.

Amidst the chaos, several Nollywood celebrities, including Destiny Etiko and Luchy Donalds, Sharon Ifedi also jumped on the bandwagon, praising Frank Tana. Even Ifedi hailed Tana as the “biggest force” in Nollywood. The industry is abuzz with speculation and divided loyalties, but Zubby remains resolute.

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Frank Tana, known not only for his acting prowess but also for his successful businesses, holds the titles of CEO of TANA SUITS HOTEL, CEO of TANA CASTLE HOTEL ASABA, and CEO of CISCO GLOBAL CONCEPT. His entrepreneurial ventures in interior decorating have also brought him both fame and fortune. Undoubtedly, Tana is a man of many talents.

Yet, amidst the whirlwind of congratulations and praises, a fan named chidoskill reminds everyone that Frank Tana’s wealth did not originate from Nollywood. This fan points out that he was already a successful businessman before entering the Nigerian movie industry. The truth behind the scenes often surprises us, as it seems Frank’s wealth stems from ventures beyond the silver screen.

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However, not everyone is quick to applaud. A certain Instagram user, nancynebolisa, expresses doubts about Tana’s sources of income, accusing him of engaging in dubious activities. The shadows of skepticism cast a cloud over his opulent display, raising questions about the authenticity of his wealth.

The saga continues as ozus_fundz, another Instagram user, reminds Frank Tana of his colleague Sylvester Madu, who reportedly sells second-hand clothes (okrika) in the market without any support from him. The fan playfully jabs at the contradiction between Frank Tana’s ostentatious lifestyle and the struggles faced by others in the industry. It’s a vivid reminder that success and support aren’t distributed evenly.

As the debate rages on, one user named iam_valentineboy questions the source of Frank Tana’s wealth, teasingly suggesting that his fortune didn’t come from the Asaba movie industry. In this game of speculation and whispers, the truth remains elusive, leaving us all wondering about the real story behind the dazzling façade.

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In the midst of the drama, Zubby Michael stands tall, unshaken by the storm brewing around him. With unwavering confidence, he reiterates that he has “nothing to prove.” In a world where material possessions often define success, Zubby’s refusal to engage in this grandiose battle sets him apart. His focus remains on his craft, his talent, and his passion for entertaining fans through the magic of Nollywood movies. Mind you, Zubby himself is a successful businessman.

Whether it’s a display of wealth or a battle for supremacy, Nollywood never fails to captivate us.

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Biggest Force Zubby Michael And Frank Tana

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