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“Nothing Worse Than Dating A Person Who Has No Self Worth” – Ruth Kadiri

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Dating A Person Who Has No Self Worth Ruth Kadiri

Ruth Kadiri has taken to her Instagram page to advise people to stop fighting over spouses who have no value for themselves. The popular Nollywood actress also noted that there is nothing worse than dating a person who has no self worth and trending on social media for all the wrong reasons.

There have been instances of Nollywood actresses and their exes dragging over how incompetent all round the other was while they were together. Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill are an example! There are those who also drag Yul Edochie and his second wife, Judy Austin into category of  snatched and snatcher. 

She posted;

“Any man who has self worth! Will never let himself trend on social media for been snatched. So when next you see a (snatchedman) publicly loving up with the snatcher, regardless of what went wrong in the relationship! He is a MUMU man.ladies Know this and know peace and stop fighting for nonsense.”

Then wrote;

“Nothing worse than dating a person who has no self worth. Women/men. Stop fighting over spouses who have no value for themselves Gosh! I don’t care what your reasons are. Stop ???? it. Any man that has sense will never publicly humiliate one for another????

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And to cap it all. VALUELESS women excited he left her for me????????????????.”

There were reactions.

mirabeladannaya: “We should also try to find out why he was snatched in the first place. Men go were they find peace. You can’t be ????in disguise of a partner and expect someone’s son to stick with you. We should have what it takes as well so that he won’t leave you for person that has value, which some of us consider it snatched.”

ego__oyibo280: “Ma are you trying to say Mercy Aigbe husband too is a mumu man??????????????????”.

jenny_spark: “Ruth, in all the languages in this world You choose to Speak Fact! ????”.

fertility_matterz: “So many of your Colleagues are on this table o. Dey no go comment on this one .????????????????”.

thelydialadej: “This is it! Nothing is as hilarious as a woman saying “he chose me over you” Girl! He’s still going to choose another woman over you when he’s bored because you both are valueless and deserve each other ????”.

houseof_rev: “Chaii Ruth you finally broke this table ???????????????????????????? mumu men in the potopoto ????????????????????”.

obeddavid1: “Dear Mrs @ruthkadiri men don’t get snatched. Let’s call a spade a spade and stop massaging our friends ego simply to soothe them. Mr C, Mr B, Mr K and all have turned out wicked people. Is that even possible?? That she’s the angel? Tell her the truth. Her first problem is identity crises thus she thinks she’s a king. She should stop burning bridges. As long as most of these men haven’t come out to say their part the story, then the story has no conclusion, no resolve. She even get mind date that Mr K guy, I shame. She needs a quite journey on self discovery cos one of her problems is gratification and that keeps messing things for her. She needs to know herself then she’d know what works for her. For once, let her stay off the jamboree. That guy is done playing his role in her life, let her let it go. Let her let herself heal. No need lying to herself. She should genuinly desire healing and let go of the weight of negativity and carlos confessions. March 23rd nor far eh”.

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cooandre: “I respect you but it was not necessary why coming for men?”

beychics: “I thought u have sense of.. see person wey I dey fan..no matter how u try to pass a message..don’t me a sentimental judge ..as both lack cordinatination ..the woman lack self respect and feed off social validation..am a woman and if a woman like tonto calls my brother out all the time and he refuse to reply cos of ur yeye sentiment about men den I will go to d mud wt the said She! Just bcos she’s ur colleagues doesn’t make her good person ..”

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ni_ce7878: “This is the first time i have heard a moral lady speak facts and reality…. i keep saying for Ruth not to showcase her hubby online shows she is wise. Most of your collegues are victims of snatch and being snatched dem go hate on u for this ooooooo ???????????????????????????? the thing is that they parade with peoples daddy and grandpa saying they are the builders and the building. May those who snatch to be 2nd wife, 3rd wife, 4th n 5th never know peace in Jesus name. As i dey suffer with my hubby from the stratch like this make one woman when chop devil beans wake up tomorrow say na my home e won scatter …. holyghost fire go fire the person????????????????”.

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