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The Fact That Movie Sets Are Not Set Up In An Office Environment DOES NOT Make It Less Serious – Film lord, Frederick Leonard

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Movie Set Not Set Up In An Office Environment Frederick Leonard

Frederick Leonard has appeared in so many Nollywood movies so it is pretty safe to consider him an authority to speak on the Nigerian movie industry. He has also spent so many years acting since he began his career in 2001.

The thespian recently stated clearly that people should love their jobs and that he doesn’t play around with his career.

In fact, he made the strong point that people should not play down the environment where actors do their movie sets just because it is not set up in an office environment.

It has been reported that some of the NollywoodCelebs play around on set and do not take the work environment seriously.

Hence, taking to his Instagram page, the “Stay” actor wrote;

“The Fact the Movie Sets Ain’t Set up in An Office Environment DOES NOT make it Less Serious..Mediocrity and Moral Laxity is UNACCEPTABLE !

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“If We All Choose to Keep Quiet, CHANGE AND GROWTH will Never Come.I Love My Job.. I Take it Seriously. The Result is EVIDENT!If You Love Your Job, Do Same.”

When his colleague, Ada Karl saw the post, she reacted: “Vis-a-vis actors who use a Producer’s set/costume to record content for their person youtube channels!????”

There were other reactions.

cherries4real: “Hmmm…sounds like somebody on set is not taking their job seriously. How can this be when performing with our Film Lord?? Its not a game ????????????????????????❤️❤️”.

olivia123adagold: “Some people are really looking forward to opportunities like this, while some ingrates who are already in the field is messing it up, all in the name that they feel too big or felt that they have finally made it in life, please stay humble and do what’s right, being a celebrity requires humility because there are people who look up to you as their role model. Thank you.”

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iam._anderson: “That’s why you are great actor. All your emotions in different characters you played, showed you take serious in what you do .”

hotsummergirlnc: “True statement, but some people never grow up. No matter what job it is, this ignorance exists. Try to ignore ????????????.”

olachichristopher: “When the foundation is not properly laid the structure won’t stand, most of the actors are not trained, so incompetence becomes eminent, I studied Theatre Arts in University of Jos one of the things we are thought is discipline because the profession is not seen as a noble one so people will always judge ur character, so discipline was enforced. In Nollyhood most actors are not trained so u don’t expect them to give u what they don’t have.

didimarupeng: “Any place where you had to leave your house to go to and do anything that you get paid for. It need to be respected and taken seriously. I agree with you my good Sir. People seem to not know boundaries it’s irritating. I love you b~because you are not wishy washy a straight shooter and always to the point. I admire you for that ????????stay blessed and stand for truth ❤️????????”.

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chin_9229: “Unfortunately, this laxity at work extends beyond Nollywood. Customer Service in many businesses is appalling! ????”

lizzykamon: “Hmmmmm mediocricy everywhere AFRICA. Where you are is even better my end people’s lives in danger out of NEGLIGENCE . GOD BE OUR HELPER ????”.

shallybless: “It’s takes hard work patient and sacrifice to be who you are today, you denied your self so much for you to come out to be who you are today, big up and keep going ????????????????????????????????????????????”.

makongjulie: “Unfortunately in any work environment there are always people who lack Deontological Ethics .”

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