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Yul Edochie Gets Roasted After He Says He Has A Calling To Be A Minister Of God

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Yul Edochie Calling To Be A Minister Of God - Nollywood Celebs

“I’ve Found My Purpose On Earth. And I’m Happy I Did” – Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie has disclosed that he has found his purpose on earth. The popular Nollywood actor who announced sometime back that he had married a second wife, Judy Austin, and that they even have a son together, stated clearly in a video that he has a calling to be a minister of God.

If you recall, Edochie had told Nigerians that he wants to be president while giving so many reasons why he is the man for the job.

However, the actor failed woefully in that attempt as he did not get the love and support from people. The same happened when he wanted to be Governor of Anambra state.

This time, Yul Edochie appears to have found the lucrative “Minister of God” business as his calling and he is happy that he did.

While it is something to be happy about if God genuinely calls someone, not everyone believes the “confused” thespian is genuine.

Someone in the comment section actually stated that Yul might have just used this as a means to dump his second wife, Judy.

Sadly, the actor used to be a respected man among his fans and colleagues but many insult him these days and even say he is clout-chasing.

Watch the video below and read the comments.

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He captioned;

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“I’ve found my purpose on earth.
And I’m happy I did.”

kmachuie: “1 Timothy 4:1-2 The spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.”

sobrinna__: “Werey say him na preacher oooo😂😂😂 when the Bible say one man one wife, that part tear commot your bible😂😂😂😂”.

joy1a2_b3c4d5ef6: “Father please we have had enough of fake pastors in this country, Baba please we don’t need another fake one to join them now in Jesus mightiest name”.

romanus_chukwuebuka: “Odogwu buzikwa confused man onye eriri you must not be a pastor before you preach to people your behavior, characters and exampolary life is okay go and build one small industry to create employment not another church we have had enough churches in this country don’t decive your self”.

nibanakana: “At this point I think this man needs help. After I finished listening to his basically empty semon I’m sure something is wrong somewhere… 1. You are a Catholic, so what kind preacher are you talking about? You will become a priest? Which wife are going to be the preacher’s wife? How do you do advise cheating husbands and adulterous people? Which moral example of yours will you use? You want to serve two masters? Please. You have succeeded in confusing us… Please now go off social media for a month recover and come back.

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chykee1: “You can’t serve two masters at a time. But I have a feeling you want to use this scope to drop your polygamous wife.”

okwesirieze1234: “Another werey has called himself😂apostle Suru in making.Well, if you had died in the accident, you probably would have left a good legacy but thank God still for being God and saving your life.God regretted creating man, Hope he wouldn’t be regretting this your second chance that turned you into a nackademus, wife and children kidnapper, autonomous home breaker in fact, proud bad boy.Something in me still strongly maintains that you have gone mentally disoriented.As a born psychologist all I can see is a helpless man suffering from a delusion of grandeur.Finally, you need to see an ENT specialist for this your voice, your vocal cord is going gaga and you trying to clear it each time you lie during speeches is becoming distracting and annoying.Las las, as Delilah was Samson’s down fall, Judy will be your down fall unless you make the hay while the sun shines……..The oracle has spoken adhere or perish!God luck with your calling🙌🙌 I rest my case.

gloria.tanner.3785: “Ask forgiveness to God and you will be forgiven and make peace with your wife and kids from there you ask God to guide you and lead you”.

officabigail: “As a Christian polygamy is a sin .so where will you keep Judy?? .u just need to settle her for her to go .that exactly what Abraham did to Ismael and the mom .”

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ede4kay: “Yul Edochie want to use this format to drive Judy Austin hmmmh, you must make Judy like Omotola and Genevieve fes oooo, we nor go gree…May will not take you back ooooo, so be wise, continue with Judy or you go lose 4 both ends..,Justice for Obasim we move!!!!”

patrick.chuks.94: “And u waited all dis long to marry a second wife before you answer the call, odogwu zukwanike”.

ottie____: “Iyaa but you guys, you have been producing movies na it’s not paying again? Now Judy destroyed your President ! You now thinking to start preaching ! It’s well Yul”.

iamkkranking16: “You want to join this men to continue deceiving our people. Scamming then in the name of church and Christianity”.

paddyoflagos: “Nor be president again? The money we contributed for ur presidency sir av u refund?”

valeriekabba: “This guy’s mental health is quite glaring. Nigerians, wunna dey sit dry wstch? Wunna do something ..The symptoms are soooo glaring..weah!!! Nyanga person shiddon take two hands go find whahala. Sooo soo sad! You go be ok. King Lear said I saw after I stumbled! Another King Lear here!!!”

festusevelyn: “This could be a way of he retracing his step. God is awesome!!! Please let’s keep praying for him.”

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