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Best Nigerian Series Movies You Should Watch (2022)

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Best Nigerian Series Movies 2022 - Nollywood Celebs

While some Nigerians are die-hard fans of Nollywood movies that they watch at a go, other movie lovers in the country prefer an interesting TV series they can continuously watch for a long time. If that is your preference as well, I bring you good news, there are a lot of exciting options to choose from.

Nigerian TV shows have been criticized for years as lacking quality content, stories, and acting talent that will keep movie lovers entertained for years, but that is not the case anymore, as our producers and actors have since stepped up to bring consistent entertainment to our TV screens.

While some of the TV shows listed below have ended, some are still airing, and majority of these projects can even be found on Iroko TV and YouTube in case you are not chanced to watch them on TV. For the best options as at now, see the Best Nigerian Series Movies You Should Watch (2022).

1. King Of Boys:

Best Nigerian Series Movies 2022 Sola Sobowale- Nollywood Celebs

This interesting Nigerian TV series is all about Eniola, a businesswoman and philanthropist, who is drawn into politics by her strong desire for power. As she gets really involved in an intense power struggle, her criminal past ends up becoming a very heavy burden she has to find her way around.

This project was directed by the extremely talented Kemi Adetiba and it was released on the 27th of August, 2021, exclusively on Netflix as a sequel to the 2018 Nigerian crime political thriller film, “King of Boys.” It starred its original cast members like Sola Sobowale and Toni Tones, Reminisce, Illbliss, Akin Lewis, Osas Ighodaro and Keppy Ekpenyong, who were the original cast members, and added other actors like Nse Ikpe-Etim, Richard Mofe Damijo, Efa Iwara, Deyemi Okanlawon and Charly Boy for its sequel.

This project had just 1 season, with 7 episodes, and it was celebrated all across Nigeria when Netflix approved its production as a sequel in September 2020. Filming lasted 3 months and ended on 3 November 2020, and its official trailer was released on Monday 16 August 2021.

Reports have said that Toni Tones used method acting to play her role as young Eniola. According to reliable sources, the actress had to learn the Yoruba language to star in the project because a large proportion of her lines were in the language. Her tutor was Dele Adetiba, and it is clear that he did a very good job on her.

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Another actress who gave her all for the project was Sola Sobowale. This legendary Nollywood actress received a lot of praise for her top-class acting in the series, and movie reviewers believe there was no form of overacting or underacting from her end in all her scenes. Reviewers also hailed Kemi Adetiba’s use of lights, shadows and angles, as they all added to the overall quality of the project.

2. Jenifa’s Diary:

Best Nigerian Series Movies 2022- Funke Akindele - Nollywood Celebs

This is a popular Nigerian TV series that has become a household title over the years, especially because Funke Akindele is involved. It first aired in 2015, and since then, it has remained one of Nigeria’s most popular sitcoms for so many years.

Produced by Funke, the project has starred top celebrities like Falz, Omotunde Adebowale David, Juliana Olayode, and Aderounmu Adejumoke and its plot is centred around the hilarious life of a funny and naive lady, Jenifa, whose reaction to whatever life throws at her is nothing but comedy to those around her.

This TV show is clearly part of the “Jenifa” franchise, and it has about 24 seasons already, with more shooting still in progress till now. Jenifa, played by the legendary Funke strives so hard to get out of her ratchet way of life in this series that she moved all the way to Lagos from the village to educate herself and upgrade her lifestyle. Luckily for her, she had a friend named Toyosi who was left with no choice but to accommodate her despite her sudden decision.

Jenifa ended up struggling to finish her education, so she sought employment at a salon on the Island with the help of another friend, Kiki, a wise move that led to her success in the hairstyling business. At the salon, she met another stylist, Segun, a role that was played by Falz, who tried to date her. Jenifa turned down his advances because she wanted to be with someone richer and more educated before finding out that he was actually processing his relocation to the United States. Segun then told her how he tried to declare his intentions and even help her travel to the US with him before she underrated his future ambitions.

The storyline in this hilarious series is explored further and it even featured JJC Skills at some point, her husband who she recently split with amid lots of social media controversy.

3. Hustle:

Best Nigerian Series Movies 2022- Seun Ajayi - Nollywood Celebs

This is another popular Nigerian TV series that has won several awards for its creativity, excellent acting and continuity. It tells the interesting story of Dayo’s experiences in the big city of Lagos alongside his cotenants and landlady.

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Dayo is a young Nigerian who is passionate about chasing his dreams and making it big in Lasgidi, but the city was not always fair to him while he hustled for a better future. Things then got worse when he met with new neighbours who were nothing but schemers from time to time.

The series has starred Seun Ajayi, Sola Sobowale, Seyi Law, Stephanie Coker, Dorcas Shola-Fapson, Maurice Sam, Elvis Poko, Deborah Anugwa, John Joshua, Afeez Oyetoro, Sola Sobowale, and Tobi Bakre thus far, and they all learn that while Lagos State is regularly reported to be the land of milk of honey, everything is not always as it seems.

4. Tales of Eve:

This is another interesting Nigerian TV series that had to make this list. Its story focuses on the hardship and struggles an African woman goes through as she gets older in life, and it is directed by the talented Olatubosun Olaegbe.

This project started airing around 2011 and it has taken us all on a ride into the emotional phases and thoughts we are bound to experience while life events get scripted into an interesting and suspense-filled film project. It is definitely a must-see for a lot of Nigerians, and the acting on display is nothing but top-notch.

5. The Johnsons:

Best Nigerian Series Movies 2022- Chinedu Ikedieze - Nollywood Celebs

This is a very interesting family TV series produced by Rogers Ofime, and it still airs on Africa Magic after so many years. The project focuses on an average Nigerian family in Lagos, Nigeria, and the challenges they face on a daily basis. The talented cast includes:

1. Chinedu Ikedieze as Efetobore Johnson:

He is the first child of the family and he is by far the most skilful and brilliant. On the show, Aki is mostly seen educating his siblings on general knowledge and he was even the one narrating every episode at some point. If you want to get Efetobore Johnson worked up, just mock height or try to stop his schooling.

2. Olumide Oworu as Tari Johnson:

Tari always sees himself as the fine boy with the swag, he is the 2nd son and 3rd child in The Johnson’s family. On the show, Olumide regularly found himself getting caught in the latest trends while lying to girls and trying to impress them. This fake life always got him in trouble till he eventually grew on the show to become a fashion designer who is more serious with his life.

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3. Ada Ameh as Mrs Emu Johnson:

She is the first lady of the house and the mother of the interesting family. Often looked down on for her lack of formal education and wrong vocabulary, no one has ever doubted the fact that Emu is the backbone of the house. Ada Ameh got smarter as the seasons piled up and you better not get her angry by trying to get between her and her husband.

4. Susan Pwajok as Blessing Johnson:

She is the baby of the house who always gets what she wants and doesn’t like her other siblings getting more attention. She has been on and off during the show over the years, but we cannot deny her lasting impact whenever she graces our screens.

5. Charles Inojie as Mr Lucky Johnson:

This is the head of the family and it is a role many will remember the legendary Charles Inojie for in years to come. He is the commanding officer of the household and he is known for always trying to avoid spending money by all means necessary. This scientist is also popular for being the protector of his family and his kids will be nothing without his calming presence and wise counsel.

6. Seun Adebajo Osigbesan As Jennifer Johnson:

We watched Jennifer grow before our very eyes and the growth has been nothing but beautiful. She formed a fantastic bond with her mum, Emu, for so many years on screen, and this relationship definitely helped when she eventually got married to the man of her dreams, Goodluck. Seun Adebajo Osigbesan was not a popular figure in Nollywood before taking on this tasking role, but she has to be a household name now.

7. Samuel Ajibol as Spiff:

Many see him as the livewire of the house because he always comes through with the silly talks and acts. Spiff eats excessively and he was Abulu’s partner in crime till he began to take photography more seriously. Not directly part of The Johnsons’ nuclear family, Spiff later found out who his real mother is and relocated to meet her in London.

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