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Best Nollywood Movies In 2022 Thus Far

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Best Nollywood Movies In 2022 - Nollywood Celebs

The Nollywood industry is finally getting the recognition it deserves, and we love to see it. In recent years, we have enjoyed several developments in the Nigerian movie setting that has shown how Nollywood has grown from the regular cinema route to becoming a sector the world is finally paying attention to.

Netflix is launching more original Nigerian content nowadays, including the popular “Blood Sisters” series, and Amazon Prime Video, on the other hand, is currently arranging its collection of local Nollywood content as it readies itself for a big launch later this year.

However, while some might say Nollywood is growing slowly but surely, especially when you compare to the past decade, there is still lots of room for growth. It is true that we have only had a few Nollywood highlights during the first half of 2022, but these highlights have made Nigerian movie lovers optimistic about what the second half will have to offer.

To celebrate our wins thus far in the movie industry, let’s break down the best contents we have seen in the current year, including feature-length projects, and excluding short films and documentaries. See the Best Nollywood Movies In 2022 Thus Far.

1. Dinner At My Place:

Best Nollywood Movies In 2022 (5) Nollywood Celebs

The romantic comedies produced by Nollywood filmmakers have been doing well in recent times, and Kevin Apaa’s “Dinner At My Place” has to be one of the successful projects under that umbrella. In this movie, Nonso (played by Timini Egbuson) tried to propose to his girl over dinner using an expensive ring that belonged to his late mum. However, he ends up with the ring in his soup before receiving an unexpected visitor, leading to a perfect night he had planned heading down a confusing path.

The project, which was originally planned to be a short film, delivers the regular love and hilarious storyline, but it keeps viewers engaged with its unique plot. The standout performances you will get will also ensure your time spent watching will deliver value for money.

2. For Maria Ebun Pataki:

In this Damilola Orimogunje’s debut feature film, the director focuses on tackling postpartum depression, a topic which has failed to get its deserved recognition for so many years, especially via cinema. This movie is filled with several amazing scenes that make it a must-watch for everyone.

The topic it focuses on is demoralizing, but its simple storyline, brilliant camera work, and superb performances from actors like Meg Otanwa, Gabriel Afolayan, and Tina Mba make it worth your time and money. Be aware that this project is currently streaming on Netflix.

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3. King Of Thieves:

We have been enjoying epic Nollywood films in recent years, and this is one of the best projects that has uplifted the importance of that genre. It centres around a story of bravery and betrayal, and it is surely a brilliant addition to Nollywood’s epic catalogue.

Ageshinkole, a heartless killer, is the main character in the film, and he persistently terrorized Ajeromi’s kingdom. However, we later find out that there is more to his brutality than meets the eye. For over 2 hours, this project delivers a plot that might not be perfect but definitely keeps viewers engaged and entertained till the very end.

4. The B lood Covenant:

Best Nollywood Movies In 2022 (2) Nollywood Celebs

Directed by Fiyin Gambo, this film tells the story of Eddy (Oluwatobi Bakre), Jite (Uzor Arukwe) and Osiano (Shawn Faqua) who continuously battle the struggles of everyday living in the ever-busy Lasgidi. Eddy, Jite and Osiano, alongside an old classmate who got rich overnight, eventually found themselves bound by a blood covenant which they made during their schooling days, and now they have to face the consequences when a night of enjoyment went south.

The acting in this movie is simply fantastic and its little comedy here and there has to be appreciated because it helped to distract the viewers from the horror shown from time to time. “The Blood Covenant” is presently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

5. A Simple Lie:

Standing out with a Nollywood project is nothing new for Biodun Stephen, and she did it again with this new project. Starring stars like Bisola Aiyeola, Kachi Nnochiri, Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori, Bolaji Ogunmola e.t.c, this comedy movie has definitely made its mark this year.

Its story is centred around Bisola who is desperate for the attention of her ex-boyfriend, Kachi. The desperation led her to tell huge lies to get him back, and one of the lies ended up causing lots of tragic occurrences that impacted the lives of people around her.

Chaos is delivered in this one and it is definitely a comedy movie that will keep movie lovers engaged and entertained. Its opening act is particularly amusing I must add.

6. Vanity:

Best Nollywood Movies In 2022 (3) Nollywood Celebs

In this film, Ify, played by Jemima Osunde is a young woman who moves to Lasgidi from Enugu after getting married to her husband, Kobi (Uzor Arukwe). While she settled into life in her new environment as a newlywed, her husband immediately expected her to get a job and contribute to the home.

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It turns out that Kobi is very keen on a woman’s participation to ease the financial burden in a home and this makes him overbearing a lot of times. The movie was directed by Chukwuemeka Nwabunze, and its amazing production, engaging storytelling and brilliant acting make it a must-watch.

7. Ile Owo:

For an industry that was established on lots of horror movies, Nollywood has tried to stay away from that for a while now, as it has preferred to stick to the tested and trusted romantic comedy niche. However, projects like Dare Olaitan’s “Ile Owo” should be applauded for existing as they are new, unique and never stray away from stories and beliefs most Nigerians can relate to.

In this movie, we meet Akanni Owo, a man who has it all but wants to live till eternity. To clinch immortality for himself and his descendants, he must be willing to pay a huge price. While the movie’s opening act is decent enough, it must be commended for keeping viewers tapped in throughout the duration of 95 minutes.

The project features superstars like Efa Iwara, Immaculata Oko-Kassim, Sophie Alakija, Femi Lewis and Tina Mba.

Most Anticipated Nollywood Movies Coming In 2022:

This list of anticipated Nollywood movies this year is surprisingly filled with original ideas, not sequels or remakes. However, it is far from static, as there will be many more other movies released before the year runs out.

The projects considered below range from festival screenings to audience releases through streaming services or cinemas, and while they should remain on your radar this year, be aware that circumstances beyond human control can still prevent that from happening. Check them out:

1. About A Boy:

Its story revolves around a writer who meets an interesting woman and starts a relationship with her. However, their reality is not how they both see it and what pans out afterwards was unexpected. It was written by Adio Solanke and directed by Diji Aderogba, who won the audience award at the NollywoodWeek festival in 2021.

The movie features Chimezie Imo, Olumide Oworu and Mustapha Funmilayo, and it is expected to storm our screens later this year.

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2. All Na Vibes:

This movie focuses on teenage life, puberty, anger, ambition and so on. It is a Taiwo Egunjobi project that was co-written with Isaac Ayodeji (Dwindle) to deliver a Nollywood masterclass. Uprising actors, Tolu Osalie and Tega Ethan starred alongside Molawa Davis to deliver a film that shares vital lessons on unprotected intercourse and drugs.

3. All The Colours Of The World; Are Between Black And White:

There have been no in-depth details about this movie project till now, but the title is definitely intriguing enough for most Nollywood fans. This film which was shot in black and white is directed by Tunde Apalowo, and Damilola Orimogunje, the brain behind Maria Ebun Pataki, is its producer.

After several days of filming and over a year of planning, it is presently at its post-production stage. It features Tope Tedela, Riyo David, Martha Orhiere, and Uche Chika Elumelu, plus there is a possibility that it would be screened at a festival before it reaches a wider audience.

4. Baby Maker:

Best Nollywood Movies In 2022 (4) Nollywood Celebs

A teaser clip and poster have been released for this one, but detailed information has been hidden from the public thus far. The little we know, however, is that this Nollywood movie will be directed by Orimz and it is set to feature Kunle Remi, Adaora Udeh, who doubles s the screenwriter, Alvan Udeh and Bolaji Ogunmola.

Its story is centred around a 31-year-old Nasa who is advised to bear a child after her myomectomy procedure. Under a lot of pressure, Nasa then decides to have a child with her best friend, Kunle Remi, but this was a move that eventually threatened to ruin their long-time friendship.

It is another indie project that will most likely be screened during its festival run before releasing to a larger audience.

5. Death And The King’s Horseman:

This movie is based on a historical event and its story centres around Elesin, a Yoruba King’s horseman, who is stopped from committing suicide by the British colonial authorities. This adaptation of the original play by Wole Soyinka will be produced by EbonyLife and released via Netflix.

Biyi Bandele is its director and he recently made a cast announcement via Instagram, which included popular singer, Brymo, who was the king’s praise singer, Omowunmi Dada and Deyemi Okanlawon. You should also look out for its 1940’s set and costume design.

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