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Funniest Nollywood Actors Ever (2022)

by Chukwunwike Ezegbu
Funniest Nollywood Actors 2022 - Nollywood Celebs

When it comes to being completely hilarious on screen, we have several Nollywood actors and actresses who have made their names doing that. Their comic presence on TV cannot be removed from our memories anytime soon, and we always look forward to their new projects from time to time because we just cannot have enough of their comedic talents. Want to know the names that best fit this description? See our list of Funniest Nollywood Actors Ever (2022).

1. Nkem Owoh:

Funniest Nollywood Actors 2022 - Nkem Owoh - Nollywood Celebs

This is an absolute legend in the Nigerian film industry and his several comedy projects earned him the number one spot on this list. He is very popular for being one of the most hilarious movie stars in Nigeria, and he is even considered a role model for rising comedy actors.

Nkem Owoh made a name for himself while cracking viewers up with his ridiculous scenes and his most notable funny projects include “Spanner,” “Big Man Big trouble,” “My Baby,” “Osuofia in London,” “The Master,” “Ukwa,” “My Destiny,” and so on.

If you are not aware, Nkem Owoh, a popular Nigerian actor and comedian who became a household name by playing roles to make viewers laugh away their sorrows, was born in Enugu State, Nigeria, where he had his primary and secondary school. After his early schooling, he later went to the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta to study Engineering, and during his university education, he started acting in several TV and film productions.

The movie star won the African Movie Academy Award for “Best Actor in a Leading Role,” in 2008, and it was for his performance in the popular project titled “Stronger than Pain.” Nkem is also popular for composing a song titled “I Go Chop Your Dollar” which addresses social issues that relate to the common man. The music was featured in the movie titled “The Master,” and the actor played the role of a scammer in it.

He has had his fair share of controversies too as Nkem Owoh was once arrested while performing a musical show. Reports later said he was apprehended on suspicion of lottery fraud and immigration violations, but he was released few weeks later. In 2019, the actor was also kidnapped in the Eastern part of Nigeria, with his kidnappers demanding a 15 million naira ransom. He was later released after his family allegedly paid a ransom fee of about 1.4 million naira.

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2. Sam Loco Efe:

Funniest Nollywood Actors 2022 - Sam Loco Efe - Nollywood Celebs

This late Nollywood actor was an absolute legend in comedy movies while he was alive. He featured in more than 100 comedy movies before his death and this movie star stood out in all. His hilarious projects include “Long John,” “Games Fools Play,” and “Old Cargo.”

Born in Enugu, Sam Loco Efe was the son of Arase Efeimwonkiyeke, who was a warder for many years. The actor spent most of his childhood in the town of Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, and he spent more years than usual finishing up his education because he was helping his mum with her trade just to make ends meet.

Sam Loco began to actualize his Nollywood dreams when he started acting in school. He met with a theatre group that came to perform at his school and asked what the profession was all about. After he wrapped up his elementary education, he attended several secondary schools and started getting really active in their drama societies, while also organizing a “The Doctor in Spite of Himself” performance and a play titled “Vendetta.” His early beginnings led him to mainstream Nollywood, where he definitely made his mark in several comedy movies till he met his death.

Sam Loco Efe was shockingly found in his hotel room one Sunday morning, lifeless. Reports said the room door had to be forced open after the movie star failed to come back down after going to bed the previous night. What led to his death is unknown till now, but sources said he died sitting on a chair in the hotel room, with Ventolin inhalers by his side.

The ex-vice president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Mr Steve Eboh added that the late veteran actor was actually planning to visit his farmhouse at Ebonyi state to rest there for some time, but that wish could not be achieved.

3. Bishop Imeh Umoh (Okon):

Funniest Nollywood Actors 2022 - Bishop Imeh Umoh - Nollywood Celebs

Imeh Bishop is famously called Okon Lagos and he is a popular Nollywood actor and comedian. He was born on the 15th of July 1981 in Nsit Ibom, Akwa Ibom State. The movie star even saw the name “Okon” stick to his brand after his role in the movie titled “Okon goes to School.” Bishop has also starred in other interesting films like “In the Cupboard,” “Jump and Pass,” and “Okon in Lagos.”

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From his gestures to his manner of speaking and reacting, Bishop Umoh Imeh is surely an actor everyone has on their list of top comedy stars Nigeria has ever seen. However, the fact is that this actor did not grow up a funny person because his baby pictures prove that he took life really seriously. Lol.

Imeh Umoh is an Ibibio from Nsit Ibom, Akwa Ibom State, and he graduated from the University of Uyo where he studied Philosophy. He began his acting career at a very young age and when his Nollywood career kickstarted, he went on to star in more than 100 films. As far as his breakthrough movie is concerned, Bishop embraced the limelight after his role in the popular project titled “Uyai,” which was produced by Emem Isong in 2008.

He was recently a brand ambassador for GLO Nigeria and he even got appointed as a Special Assistant to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Udom Gabriel Emmanuel on Ethical and Social Reorientation in 2016, proving that he has other talents outside of Nollywood.

4. John Okafor:

Funniest Nollywood Actors 2022 - John Okafor - Nollywood Celebs

Popularly referred to as Mr Ibu, Okafor is a famous Nigerian actor and comedian who is known as a rib cracker on and off the screen. His hilarious roles over the years have often been tagged “Stupid,” “Silly,” and “Disconnected From Reality,” but he has still managed to own these characters and make a name for himself with them. The movie star is famous for movies like “Sherikoko,” “Limpopo Master,” “Sweet Mama,” “Mr Ibu,” and so on, and they are all movie projects that Nigerians turn to when they are in the mood for a laugh.

For those who think they know everything about John Okafor, are you aware that he was born on the 17th of October 1961 and he is currently one of Nigeria’s most talented and highly paid comic characters to ever grace the Nollywood screen? John is from Nkanu West L.G., Enugu State, and after his elementary schooling experience in 1974, he decided to move on to Sapele to live with his brother after his dad died.

In Sapele, the movie star did all kinds of menial jobs to sponsor himself through school while supporting the family and even joined a company that manufactured crates at some point. He later got admitted into the College of Education, Yola, but he dropped out due to money limitations. After a while, he eventually enrolled in the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) immediately after he had the cash to sponsor it.

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Other movie projects that Nigerians appreciate John Okafor for are “Mr Ibu and His Son,” “Coffin Producers,” “Husband Suppliers,” “International Players,” “Mr Ibu in London (2004),” “Police Recruit (2003),” “9 Wives (2005),” “Ibu in Prison (2006).” and “Keziah.”

5. Chiwetalu Agu:

Funniest Nollywood Actors 2022 - Chiwetalu Agu - Nollywood Celebs

His usage of hilarious slangs, phrases or clichés in all the movies he features in has stood him out among his comedy pairs, and it makes him a unique talent Nollywood cannot do without. In fact, noting that the Nollywood comic genre is a special vehicle that projects the Nigerian culture all across the globe while establishing the country’s film success, Chiwetalu Agu has been applauded for being one of the most amazing comedy talents who have contributed to the growth of our movie industry by Prof. Femi Shaka of the University of Port Harcourt.

Born in 1956, it is very clear that this Nollywood legend was born to act. However, Chiwetalu Agu is not one to just focus on interpreting roles in movies, he has a unique style as well. This movie star is popular for his usage of interesting slangs, phrases or clichés that get stuck in the mind of viewers long after the movie ends.

He is popular for being one of the actors who have contributed to the development of the Nollywood comic genre and he is currently married to Nkechi, who has given him three sons and two daughters. Agu has always been a versatile actor and he proved it when he transitioned from being a regular feature in Nigerian TV soaps to acting in major Nollywood movies.

He played memorable roles in popular soaps like “Baby Come Now” and “Ripples” produced by Chico Ejiro’s brother, Zeb. He then went on to win the “Best Actor In An Indigenous Movie: Non-English Speaking Language” award for his role in “Nkwocha.”

Other interesting movies Agu has featured in include “Ebola Doctors,” “The Maidens,” “Okada Rider,” “The Cadet,” and so on. If you are not aware, Agu was one of those involved in the audition for the very successful project titled “Living in Bondage,” produced by Kenneth Nnebue. Recall that the film starred heavyweights like Kenneth Okonkwo and Kanayo O. Kanayo.

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